What is WhatsApp Image Joke?

As the name suggests, it is a joke which is in a pictorial form and shared via Whatsapp. These days, there are many social media platforms where you can share image jokes. In the past, people were limited to sharing electronic jokes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram alone. However, today they do that even on mobile applications such as WhatsApp. It can go viral since all it takes for one to join this application for communication is a registered cellphone number and a smartphone.

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whatsapp image joke

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Whatsapp Joke in Hindi Download or Jokes in Hindi for Whatsapp

Funny Joke in Hindi for Whatsapp

Funny Joke in Hindi for Whatsapp

Jokes in Hindi for Whatsapp

Jokes in Hindi for Whatsapp


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Whatsapp Jokes Marathi


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What is Electronic Joking?

Electronic joking is as old as the internet itself. It is the humor on the internet that started with the advent of the internet.  When the internet and all its precursors, which include the LANs and the WANs came into existence, one of the purposes was to disseminate jokes.  Before that, the traditional jokes and humor would only appear on print media or distributed through word of mouth.  People would channel jokes and humor through radio, sound recordings, TV, and film. These days though there are Facebook image jokes, WhatsApp image joke, twitter and more.

Various Types of Electronic WhatsApp Jokes

With the electronic communication setting in, jokers made the most of it.  They disseminated their jokes on email, ARPANET, Usenet newsgroups, the bulletin board system and lastly through the World Wide Web. From here, there was an evolution of the new forms of humor. That was thanks to the newly-invented electronic communication means. Now, people share them across applications such as Whatsapp. Through the internet, came internet memes. A meme is a humorous photo or video that users share to the extent that at times it goes viral. However, when people overuse them, they lose the humor in them.


Electronic joking has an impact on the society. They shape not only the community but also a nation and the world. Human rights activist, have used them for way too long to address the evil instigated by the high and mighty in the community. Most have worked. If they are wrongly utilized, they can bring harm to some people. Therefore you should use, and share a Whatsapp image joke ethically.

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