Purchasing a gift for someone is an opportunity for you to put thought and effort into finding that perfect gift. It’s a chance to show someone how much you care about them, speak to their own personal interests, and put a smile on their face. With that said, there are always those that are notoriously hard to buy for, and dads can often fit into this category. Buying for your dad gets even more difficult if you have one of those dads who already seem to have everything. So, what’s left to get them? 

Before you start getting too stressed about finding a gift for your dad, we’ve gone ahead and put together a fun list of items that are perfect for the dad who seemingly has everything. Any of these ideas could be a hit and could be the item that proves to be the most memorable gift so far.

Light Therapy Alarm Clock

If your dad is like so many others out there, waking up early to head to work or get the day started can be tough. So, why not look into an alarm clock that integrates light therapy into it? The idea behind this is that the light therapy works to stimulate positivity and relaxation, which can transform the way you wake up in general. Light therapy is used to mimic the natural light that you would find outdoors. It can be very useful in the autumn and winter especially.

Create a Customised Map and Frame It

Here’s a gift that will speak to your dad’s personality and experiences. Did you know that companies like Craft & Oak make it possible for you to create a customised map? You can choose a special destination, city, town, country, and so on that you can highlight on the map and have printed in poster size. The idea is that the map is meant to celebrate a specific memory, place, period in time, and so forth. If you choose a special memory/location that the two of you have experienced together, then you’ve got a really unique and cherished item. What makes this item even more special is the fact that he’s not going to have this already. You know it’s one of a kind.

The Luxe Shave Kit – Go Ahead and Splurge

Here’s an item that your dad would likely get good use of but probably won’t splurge on for himself. Why not pick out a luxury home shaving kit that really takes shaving to the next level? This will help him to get a smoother, more comfortable shave, and the products you include with it will ensure his skin is soft and moisturised.

Give Your Dad the Gift of Sleep with a Weighted Blanket

Why not help your dad join the latest craze which is weighted blankets? There have been a number of sleep studies carried out looking at the benefits of weighted blankets and proving that they can help to create a more restful sleep. They can also help to reduce a person’s level of stress and anxiety.

If you’re feeling stuck on gift ideas for your dad, these are sure to spark inspiration for you.

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