There has always been an argument on Egyptian cotton when it comes to bedding. People like to invest money in buying Egyptian cotton bedding but the questions are why? Why it always receives love and immense popularity? 

Maybe it is because of the softness, smoothness, strength, and durability of the bedding sets. All these factors multiply together and give you the exceptional benefits that make you realize that it’s worth investing a little extra money in Egyptian cotton sheets. Keep reading to find out more…

We’ll begin with the introduction of Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is a natural fabric material, it is obtained from a plant that was initially grown in Egypt only. In the old era, this fabric was used to export from Egypt to other parts of the world and then people started using their knowledge and figured out the ways to grow it in their areas. Until now, Egypt is the major contributor to the total Egyptian cotton of the world. Egypt is responsible for up to 40% of Egyptian cotton. 

Egyptian cotton has long staples and thin fibers which help to produce extra fine cotton sheets. 

How the quality of Egyptian cotton bedding is determined?

The quality of Egyptian cotton bedding is determined by the thread count. Thread count tells you the number of threads woven in the square inch of fabric. A higher thread count indicates higher quality and luxurious bedding sheets. Thread count is measured by a thread scale, on thread scale, the thread count varies from 200 to 1000. There is another thing that needs to be taken into account is that the bedding sets with higher thread count are expensive.  

In addition to that yarn quality, a number of plies, and the weave type. Bedding sheets are mostly single-ply and double-ply. It also plays an important role in determining the softness and durability of the sheets. When buying the sheets, look for a higher thread count and single-ply sheets. A sheet with a higher thread count and doubly ply will likely deliver you the benefits of a sheet with a comparatively low thread count and single-ply. A single-ply Egyptian cotton sheet lasts longer than a double-ply Egyptian cotton sheet.

Benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets

Comfortable and relaxing nights’ sleep leads to a fresh and active wake-up. The long staples of Egyptian cotton offer the following features:


Egyptian cotton sheets have natural breathability and offer you the required air passage. It controls the temperature of the body effectively. For instance, if you live in hot areas and are a sweaty sleeper, Egyptian cotton beddings will absorb the sweat and keep your body dry and at moderate temperature. For a better result, you can combine the Egyptian cotton top sheets with Egyptian cotton fitted sheet and duvet cover. It will likely absorb all the moisture keeping you dry and comfortable. They allow breathability and help you enjoy the night’s sleep. Plus, these sheets will save you from bacteria and dirt mists.


Durability is another reason which makes Egyptian cotton bedding popular. They are a bit expensive when compared with other Egyptian bedding sets but their durability and longevity are worth investing money in. They are made from long and thin fibers without any imperfections. This tends to increase the lifespan of sheets. If these sheets are cared for properly and washed on a regular basis, they will become softer and smoother.


Egyptian cotton bedding sets are exceptionally soft and smooth. They do not irritate the skin at all and act as anti-allergic sheets. They are also suitable for asthma patients and hypoallergenic patients. They provide you with a soft texture and uniform surface. Egyptian cotton sheets tend to get softer with each wash and use.


These sheets are hard-wearing and do not show pilling at all. The long staples tend to get smoother by time and offer more comfort. The Egyptian cotton sheets even with a lower thread count offer great comfort and anti-pilling properties. Pilling often leads to discomfort and roughness of sheets. If you’re looking to find oxford king size bedding then visit here.

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