Businesses are always looking for new ways to streamline their operations, as the simpler it is, the more efficiently they will be able to use their time to make money. Also, the simpler it is the faster and more easily they will be able to upscale their business when it’s time to expand. Automatic marketing is the latest development that offers to simplify your marketing activities, and if this is something that you are interested in learning more about, then keep on reading….


Automatic marketing uses intelligent technology to search for lucrative information that can be used to create marketing materials, from communications you have with those on your mailing list. In order for this to work, you first need to sync your marketing app with your email app using a service like Piesync.

The fact that automatic marketing works behind the scenes without requiring any input from a user, helps to free up a lot of time for you to spend on the other aspects of your business. Automatic marketing also sends emails out in bulk via your email app which helps you to save time, as well as app syncing allowing you to control your marketing remotely from a phone or tablet, so that you can utilise any empty travel time.


The use of an automated marketing tool helps you to cut down on staffing costs, as the alternative would be a much less efficient manual approach. Due to the speed at which automatic marketing can gather, use, and disperse information, it is also a much faster way to generate business, meaning you’re going to be making more money in a shorter space of time. Most automatic marketing apps also have analytical tools which allow you to see how successful the marketing efforts have been. This helps you to figure what is and isn’t successful with your customers, and address it quickly.


Another benefit of automatic marketing is that when synced with your email app using something like PieSync, it is much better at finding good quality information and creating good quality marketing materials. You won’t find repetition or a lack of creativity like you could if you did it manually.

Automatic marketing has a proven record of being effective, and it is able to create more tailored marketing towards individual customers and audiences. This kind of personalised approach is the key to creating a long-lasting relationship with a potential customer.

Automatic marketing is a form of marketing that requires no input from a user. It collects data from communications with customers and uses it to create marketing materials, as well as targeting the relevant audience and sending the materials out to them in bulk. It helps business owners save a lot of time, carry out better quality marketing activities, and have a more efficient marketing process that generates more income in less time. For more business tips, take a look at as it has come great articles such as this one on small business marketing strategies.

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