The idea of video marketing is not new. It has been around ever since the inception of social media. This is why we find videos on every channel and social media platform quite frequently.

However, the difference in online video marketing of today and the one experienced five years back is the way we create our strategies. 

Traditionally, video marketing was a small part of our social media strategy. Now, it is the entire strategy in some cases. Video marketing is the plan that dominates the social media world.

According to research conducted by HubSpot, 54% of users of a brand want to view video content more than anything. So, if you are not using video marketing, you are most probably behind in the race. This is true even for healthcare services.

Regardless of your end goal, your potential audience wants to see engaging videos on your social media. Using video marketing can help you increase enrolments, get more patients, get them to download an app, or strategically reduce ER visits. Let’s see how’s that possible.

Moving on, this article will discuss how you can achieve all that. We have curated a list of 5 video tips for healthcare marketing. Read on.

How To Do Healthcare Video Marketing Effectively?

Most of the information consumed by the human mind is in the form of visuals. In fact, we dedicate most of the energy in decoding visual information. Isn’t it evident from this that video can improve the marketing plan of the healthcare units?

Read on to know how it is possible: 

Tell a Story

The best strategy that you can use as a healthcare marketer is telling a story through visual graphics. Simply create a testimonial video with a patient, a real one. Keep it short, sweet, and engaging. 

Often times, you may have more content than your users can grasp. There are stories and information that are lengthy. However, most of the users have low retention when it comes to reading content. 

This means that if you go on and put content in your blog that is 2-page long, your users are highly likely not to read it. 

For this reason, using video marketing with content creates a mix that is feasible for your audience. For instance, if you create a patient video testimonial, your users may even enjoy hearing this real-life story; they may even get inspired and visit you. 

In healthcare, especially, it is necessary to have a human touch in your videos and other marketing efforts. It is a no-brainer. For people to relate to the brand, social interaction is imperative.(Source)

Connect on an Emotional Level

To help your audience connect with you, your videos should be authentic and empathetic, considering the nature of the work. This helps potential customers to engage on a personal level. 

Trigger emotions by including a touchpoint and memory in the video. In marketing, including these touchpoints, is significant. The positive emotions that emerge as a result of your videos allow your audience to take you seriously in the future.

For instance, you can make a video moving past several customers in the hospital, wherein each one has a different story to tell whether it is the person by the elevator who just became a father or the man in the waiting room who is happy with his wife’s recovery. 

These snippets can help everyone in the audience connect on a personal level. 

Focus on Educating

As healthcare professionals, it is the job of marketers to educate potential patients or customers. Healthcare is a sensitive topic for everyone, and it is difficult too. You can’t simply toss a few technical words and expect your audience to reach out for your services.

Being creative here is the route to help people understand your services. For this, you can make educational videos, which deliver valuable knowledge to the audience. 

Take medication, for instance. You can make video content around how a doctor at your facility pre-checks the patient, glances at the patient’s history, and then creates a prescription. 

This video can be as easy as you want to make it. All you need to do is deliver the message across your audience clearly and concisely. 

Solve Issues

Any patient visits a hospital or goes to a healthcare professional for answers. Considering this, it becomes necessary for the marketing teams to provide solutions to common problems. 

For instance, if a patient visits the hospital ER (Emergency Room), but he or she doesn’t have the list of their medications, allergies, and history. This can unnecessarily delay the treatment and create confusion. The patient will have to sit for a long time thinking about all these essential details.

To avoid that, you can create a video telling your audience to stay aware of the situation. It is possible to help them understand why carrying a copy or snap of their allergies and medications to the ER room can accelerate their treatment journey. 

Make a Go-To Place

The best strategy is to become a go-to option for your audience. You can create multiple playlists to help your customers. This means that whenever your users are facing issues or when they need to know about something, they can visit your channel directly.

Now, you can modify this go-to channel in multiple ways: 

  • You can dedicate playlists to specific health issues and deliver knowledge related to these issues—for example, thyroid and diabetes.
  • You can also create a channel to help your users consume healthy food daily. This playlist should help them understand how their body functions and what they should consume to keep their bodies healthy.
  • You can also create a channel for mental health issues. This doesn’t have to directly help patients but rather lead them towards the right guidance.

Creating this community will improve how your audience engages with your brand. 


Video content empowers healthcare units to engage their audience and search engines. With the above best practices and unique brand story, you can build a trustful relationship with your consumers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start leveraging the power of video in health marketing to improve your outreach.

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