No two brides are the same, so why do we feel like we all have to follow suit when it comes to finding our dream dresses? Weddings should reflect the happy couple perfectly, that’s every single element of the big day. By doing so, you’re throwing a celebration that you love, and you’ll remember forever – instead of putting together an event that feels like it was for everyone but you. There’s no one size (or aesthetic) fits all when it comes to wedding dresses, and when you’re searching it can get so boring filtering through endless satin princess-cut gowns. If you’re looking for something a little different, maybe even out there in some cases, read on! Here are a couple of unique wedding dress ideas to get your creative inspiration going…


The two-piece wedding ensemble has been around for a minute now, but for some reason, it still feels kind of revolutionary! This can really be as extreme as you like it to be, some two-piece get-ups come together to create the effect of a dress, some show a small amount of skin and material contrasts or some styles are brave torso baring, goddess-like head turners! Whatever look you like; the two-piece is going to provide serious comfort and a little style subversion to every bride. Hey, if it’s good enough for style queen Olivia Palermo then it’s good enough for all of us!

All That Glitters

Disco fever has hit us all pretty hard as of late, and we should all be very happy about it! Hey, who says that weddings have to be stuffy and serious, right? A glittering pewter, silver, pink or classic white wedding dress is going to absolutely stun as you shimmer down the aisle. Your day is a celebration, and if you’re known to love a sequin-studded party then you should definitely consider embracing all the glitters on your big day.

Halter Neck

Halter necks are a fashion favourite, and a slip style halter neck frock makes for a flawless wedding look! If you’re susceptible to silk and 90s style, then this one is for you. You’ll look fantastically unique and ever so stylish without much hassle at all, plus you’re scoring big comfort points for the dance floor. Wear with statement earrings and stacks of delicate bracelets for a truly stunning wedding outfit that you can pull off on a tight budget – wedding dresses don’t always have to cost the same as a new car, you know.

Bold and Beautiful

Again, moving away from tradition, but if it feels like you then why on earth not! Colour might feel contemporary, but when you think about why wedding dresses are white, you’ll realise that it actually makes more than enough sense to opt for a bold tone if it fits better with your personal style. Consider picking a beautiful evening dress in red, emerald, lilac, pink or mustard for a strikingly individual wedding dress that’s as eclectic as you are.

Boho Bride

Speaking of eclecticism, the boho look is a great way of shaking up a bridal look a little – without going to extremes. This is a very easy aesthetic to capture, as long as you don’t mind thinking outside of the bridal box. Choose embroidered detailing, materials such as macramé, lace and crochet, mix creams, whites and accent colours and layer up the jewellery. Braided hair with baby’s breath woven through and maybe even bare feet will give this look full impact!

Chic Crop

Again, short wedding dresses aren’t exactly ground-breaking, but they certainly aren’t anywhere near the norm yet. If you’re into the idea of a cropped wedding frock, why not consider embracing a bit of swinging sixties style for a gorgeously unique touch to the day? A crisp white shift dress, graphic eyeliner, resin hoops and pale nude lipstick will look so stunningly unexpected. If you’re feeling more traditional, look for a lovely lace frock with a Victorian cut high neck and add some statement emerald green or navy ornate stilettos heels – bridal elegance at its finest and most stylish.

You see, you don’t have to follow the rules to put together a jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding look! 

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