In the year 2019, we have witnessed suites, fittings, colors and shower heads to be able to choose for a bathroom. Whatever the style which you want, whether you are after a clutter-free space that is sleek or even a splash of the hotel style chic, if you have plans to be able to refresh your bathroom, then you can be sure that you are well covered. From the statement baths to when it comes to space saving storage, you can be sure that we have been able to select the best bathroom ideas for the year 2019.

1. Creating the urban oasis

Showcase the geo-patterned tiles on the walls as well as floors in the blush and modern hues for the modern feel. You can be able to choose the contemporary angled basin and also bath, then team it with the black taps as well as fittings. A professional bathroom renovation company can guide you better. Also, you arrange wide variety of planters with the steam loving tropical plants. For a quality construction you can contact with Perth Concreter.

2. Adding subtle Shimmers

Have you been wondering for a while how you are going to be able to add glamour to the all-white bathroom with the tiles which catch the light to be able to reveal the subtle pattern? Well. You have nothing to worry about as we have got you covered. All that is needed is for you to be able to pair it with the tiles (white marble floor) and also splashes of green. These are two more modern bathroom ideas for the year 2019.

3. Go bold with the blue sanitaryware

Who says that you have to be bland when you can be bold? You can be able to give the bathroom a bit of some character by going and adding a splash of some bright color. The colored baths and also basis are slowly coming back with a bang. However, in the bolder shades than the 1970s avoid, going on to add a sense of luxury and drama. Some of the interior designers have agreed that what is going to surprise us in the year 2019 is emergence of the blue sanitaryware as one of the coolest alternatives when it comes to white. You can be on the lookout for the powdery blue paths, WCs which have been teamed with the polish chrome or even gold taps. It has been known that clean white furniture anchors this trend and is striking when the finished with some marble door fronts or even the textured stone surfaces.

4. Relax with the rustic and also industrial furniture

The natural materials and also the industrial fittings are some of the strong looks when it comes to the modern bathrooms in the year 2019. Best thing is that they do not have to cost a fortune. Also, you can be able to easily upgrade the wash stand to something with some character, such as the chunky wooden plinth. You can be able to ask the builder to make for you a very simple timber frame or even epicycle one of the old table or even the sideboard, setting the basin on top. Besides, you can manage a industrial toilet for your bathroom.

5. Crittall comeback continues

Speaking of the industrial fittings most popular of this lot in the year 2019 is set to Crittall style shower screen. Grid design frames area and also has some modern, urban feel than the plain glass.

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