If you’ve noticed that your home’s been around for more than about fifteen to twenty years, you may want to take a good look at your roof. Over time, your roof and shingles can deteriorate, as well as have small leaks that aren’t easily detected. Sometimes this can lead to water damage, other times, even just a slight air-leak can cause higher utility bills by causing your home to not be able to heat and cool properly. In this guide, we’re going to talk about some tips that some Hinsdale roofing experts at mainstreetgcinc.com have to give you.

When Buying a Home Take Caution

A lot of times, many people don’t look into a home until after they buy it and start having problems. Before you set that closing date on your home purchase, be sure to have a thorough inspection done on the home and see proof before you actually sign anything. That being said, you want to ensure that if you’re not the one ordering or doing the inspection (or hiring the contractor) that you see the reports, and verify them with the contracting company. Also, don’t just hire an inspector because your realtor recommended them. Make sure they’re reputable, licensed, and insured, and preferably a third-party contractor.

Clean Those Gutters Regularly

Cleaning gutters regularly to remove debris greatly increases the life of your roof. Moisture will collect, letting mold and mildew, and more moisture sit idle which can actually be soaked up by your roof shingles like a sponge.

Take Care of Foliage

If you have any low hanging branches, or branches touching your roof, get rid of them. It’s pretty easy to have your shingles gouged from branches that may smack them or scrape across your roof, causing numerous future issues, and ultimately roof and water damage to your entire home.

Roofs Need Ventilation Too

Make sure there is plenty of room for your roof to breathe with the right materials. Your shingles should have a proper layer underneath them so they can “breathe”. Your roofing needs to be able to be deterrent of heat and moisture, which can cause a lot of issue. You can lose a lot of insulation and furthermore have leaks due to rotting more often.

Look for Discolored Shingles

This is what roofers often call streaking, and it is caused by the weathering of your roof at different intervals, but it’s bound to happen no matter what. If you see faded shingles, shingles that aren’t laying straight across, extremely buckled, or even just torn off, you may want to consider hiring a roofing contractor.


When hiring a roofing contractor, of course first and foremost ensure that they’re indeed certified and insured, as well as having a reputation as mentioned above. No matter what though, a good roof job should last you approximately 20 years. If it’s been about that long, you need to get a new roof or have your shingles worked on in most cases.

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