People all over the world have adapted to their local climate in various ways. People living on the part of the globe where the temperature remains high most of the year have adapted by installing central air conditioners, chillers and pedestal fans. On the other hand, people living in cold areas have included various types of heaters and other heat-generating equipment. Apart from electric heaters, electrical heated blankets are now widely being used by the people due to its major benefits.

Electrical/heated blankets are designed in a way that they have a regulatory mechanism which maintains the temperature of the blanket according to the person’s need. This prevents over and under heating.

There are different types of electrical blankets available in the market. Plug-in electrical, Cordless, Over and Under blankets to name a few. Recently the trend of cordless heated blankets has seen a substantial rise. The cordless blankets are safer than the conventional electric heaters which need to be plugged in an electricity outlet. This also eliminates the risk of voltage fluctuation and dysfunction. Due to its efficacy and economical properties, it has now become the first choice for many people. Although there are several types and brands available

Heated blankets not only reduce the cost as compared to the electrical/gas heater but also has numerous health benefits associated with its use.

  1. Promotes better sleep: The body’s sleep regulatory mechanism ‘Circadian rhythm’ often gets disturbed due to changes in temperature. This leads to poor, disturbed sleep, leading to poor mental and physical health. A heated blanket promotes better sleep by keeping the temperature maintained throughout the night. This leads to a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep through the night. The person sleeps peacefully through all sleep stages and wakes up with a fresh mind and body.
  2. Elevates mood: When a person gets proper sleep, he feels recharged the next morning. The energetic feeling makes him feel good and positive. The productivity and efficiency of the person increases and help keep the mood pleasant throughout the day. The feeling of being energized encourages more physical activity, which in turn helps in elevating the person’s mood.
  3. Sinus relief: Winters aggravate sinuses related symptoms. The dryness in cold weather makes the sinuses get dry and bothersome. The warmth provided by the heated blankets prevents over dryness and cold, which in turn keeps the sinuses healthy and moist. The humidity is maintained with the temperature and prevents dryness and irritation.
  4. Allergy relief: Dust mites are one of the major allergies causing organisms. These tend to breed in beds and get well accommodated in the moisture of the bed. The heated blankets prevent their growth on the bed and keep the number of mites low. The high temperature prevents excess humidity which discourages the mites to survive and breed. They approximately reduce the number of mites by half.
  5. State of relaxation: The heat produced by the blanket helps in proper blood circulation. This helps in the optimal functioning of all the organs of the body, leading to a relaxed state of mind.
  6. Pain relief: Heated blankets help fight muscle soreness, body aches, and cramps. The remedy of giving warm compresses to the area of the body having pain supports the idea of significant relief in pain with the use of heated blankets. The warmth provided by the blankets helps the muscles relax. The improved circulation helps in treating and preventing cramps, soreness, and stiffness.
  7. Sciatica: Sciatica pain is also reduced with continuous use of heated blankets. The warmth provided help in reducing pain and soreness, giving instant relief to the person with Sciatica pain.
  8. Arthritis: Heat generated by the blanket leads to less pain in arthritis due to the warmth and increased blood circulation. This also helps in treating the stiffness and rigidity caused by arthritis.

Even hospitals are now replacing the traditional woolen blanket and providing the heated ones to their patients. Cordless blankets have now started to replace the conventional ones due to its portability and ease of use. The hassle of connecting disconnecting the wire to the electrical supply will soon be no more as the cordless heated blanket take over the market.

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