Did you know that the highest mountain in the African continent is Mount Kilimanjaro? Well, it has grown to become among the most popular destinations for very many people. It is not a walk in the park when it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro. This mountain rises from the Great Rift Valley to over 19,300 feet above sea level. For the many residents, this mountain is very sacred to the residents, and this is mainly the Maasai People. Well, it is very easy to be able to see this as the snowmelt from the top of a dormant volcano that has been able to nourish the valley below for millions of years. Climbing Kilimanjaro is going to need some excellent preparation, and also you can easily reach the peak of the mountain. Well, here are the top things that you will need to know before you climb Kilimanjaro:

Climbing during the dry season

When it comes to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it is technically climbable annually, but normally, it is a bit stormy as well as muddy during the two Tanzania wet seasons. This is usually between March-May and November- early December. Majority of the climbers, hence, get to choose for summit bid between January-February or between June as well as October. For a combination of good conditions as well as fewer crowds, hence ensuring that you can go during one of the seasonal transitions between dry and wet or even the vice versa, but you can be taking some risks with the weather.

Booking a local tour company

The Tanzania government has stipulated that it is the main requirement that you must hire the local guide outfitters so that you climb the Mount Kilimanjaro. Majority of the climbers normally do opt for all-inclusive tour operators that provide food, transportation, and tents as well as the porter services throughout entire stay in Tanzania. With the extra dollars, the majority of the local tour companies offers safari through the Serengeti as well as the popular Ngorongoro crater.

Choosing a route

When it comes to climbing routes to the summit, but the majority of visitors gets to pick among three routes which are quite famous. When one gets to take Marangu Route, you will take 5 to 6 days, and it has been noted to be quickest, cheapest and comfortable. The Machame Route is quite tough, and it does charge up the southern flank of the peak within a period of six to seven days. The Lemosho route gets to last between six to nine days, and it got a very scenic journey. About the number of days that you will be spending on the mountain, it is going to determine the cost of the trips. The cost will be very high if you spend more days on the mountain and the vice versa is true. However, unless you have perfected your skills when it comes to the performance of the altitude, then you will need to play it very safe as well as getting to book one of the longer tours. This will be able to give you some time to be able to acclimatize.


Not considering the flight costs, climbing Kilimanjaro is a fairly expensive affair. Tour packages usually vary among routes and companies, but you are not going to find the deal which is less than one thousand dollars. In some cases, one can spend as high as $3,000. You are going to need to get yourself secure lodging in a nearby town before as well as after the trek. If you need to add some safari, then you will dig deeper. Ensure that you change the money into Tanzania shillings.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will leave you hydrated. Therefore, it is important that you carry several bottles of water, and preferably, they should be reusable. Ensure you also carry with you the sleeping pad as well as a sleeping bag. You can also carry sunglasses, fleece pants and some hiking pants which dry fasts. Most important, ensure you have hiking boots that are waterproof and fresh socks.

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