Windows are an essential part of a house. They are used for safety purposes and provide ventilation to the house as well. People are in a desire to make their homes more beautiful, and for that purpose, they install new things in their houses.

The installation of vertical blinds enhances the look and functions of windows. For almost a decade, the vertical blinds are trending the stylish window installation list. They are available in a variety of designs, colors, materials, and sizes. Although it is an advantage, at the same time, it makes the purchasing difficult.

If you are planning a house renovation and décor, the blind installation will make things bloom.

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Here in this blog, you will get to know the “Things to consider when buying your new vertical blinds”:

Budget planning

There are many styles of vertical blinds. Price is set on the basis of the designs, sizes, and building materials of the Affordable blinds. Some are excessively luxurious and expensive, while others have moderate to low price ranges.

During budget planning, there are four parameters that you should remember

  • Size
  • Style
  • Material
  • Functionality

Each of these parameters plays a significant role in setting the cost of these blinds. Apart from the parameters mentioned above, the place also plays a vital part, from where you are buying them. Two different stores can sell the same blind at different prices. Therefore, you need to do a proper market survey before purchasing.

What you desire?

Our bodies might be the same, but every human has a different taste. I might prefer one thing, and your preference may be another thing. Therefore, you should visit various showrooms where you can encounter a variety of blinds. Apart from this, a suggestion from an expert will also be helpful.

The selection of blinds should be based on the functions. For the bedroom, you must have vertical blinds that can completely darken the room. For wet places like the kitchen and bathroom, the rolling blinds are a perfect choice. While for doors, you should order large sized blinds.


Material is the first and most imperative thing that you choose during a purchase. Different types of materials provide different functionality. You can use timber Venetian, PVC plantation material when blinds are exposed to sunlight for a longer duration of time.

You can use slightly expensive aluminum blinds, which completely stops the heat and light transfer. You can also use cheap vinyl material, which does not form a complete barrier to light and air.

The material of the blind also has an impact on design and life. If you use high-quality material, you will need less maintenance and repair.


The design and style of the vertical blind will provide the essence of your personality. It is entirely your preference that you choose a simple and elegant design, or you desire some unique and attractive style.

The design of the blinds should complement with the window and interior theme. However, a general perception about these blinds is that they go well with the broad window types like sliding windows or bay windows.

Color selection

The color of the vertical blinds plays a significant role in enhancing the whole look of the room. There is a wide variety of colors, each having some advantages and drawbacks. If you use light colors like white and cream, they will make the room look bigger, giving a luxurious omen, but at the same time, cleansing is delicate.

The brown color family is the best choice for vertical blinds, providing a warm look and a perfect match with wooden furniture. Since they are neither light nor dark, so they have zero impact on room size. They do not quickly get dirty.

If you want to give an intense look to your room, you can use darker tones. Although the dark colors do not require much cleaning they will surely make your room look congested and small.

The color of the vertical blinds should complement the color theme of the room, the windows, and the furniture to give an overall attractive and alluring look.


The primary function is to create a barrier for light and air. It also provides privacy. It depends on the material and design of your window treatment how well they can work. If you use aluminum blinds, they can completely block the light and air while vinyl and woven perform this function partially.

The privacy parameter depends on the type of window installation. Window shades do not open and close, makes it a lousy option for privacy. On the other hand, vertical blinds provide excellent privacy because of the operable slats, performing upward and downward movement.

Working well with the door

Your windows are not the only thing that requires a little love and treatment of blind installation. The doors also require blind installation. So if you are planning to get door blinds, make sure you choose shallow shades that do not disturb the door hardware.

If you desire to install mounted blinds on doors, you will need specialized mounting hardware. Mounted door blinds are different from the mounted window blinds because doors are not shallow as windows.

Perfect placement

The placement of vertical blinds depends on the size of the window and room. If you have a small room and windows, then your blind will cover less aperture. While if you have large windows, then the blinds should completely cover them.


The principal purpose of blinds is related to light and privacy, but the long hanging cords have choking hazards. If you have toddlers and pets in your house, it is dangerous to install blinds with cords. Due to this problem, the window covering manufacturer association provided a newsafety standard, which tells that the blinds should be cordless or inaccessible.

Harmony with everything

When you are planning to purchase window blinds, you must select the ones, which complement the interior and exterior designing.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning of vertical blinds is quite easy, which you can do once a week or twice a month. By close the slats, you can clean each of them one by one. For the cleaning purpose, you can use brushes, vacuum or damp cloth with vinegar on it.

Take professional guidance

Understandably, you may not know each and everything like the design, function, or safety of blinds. Therefore, to make the right decision, you must take professional help. A blind consultant can guide you the best about the style and material of the blind.


Although you can get proper guidance from professionals, you can increase your knowledge about blinds before buying them. But at the end of the day, it is entirely your preference for the style, color, and material of it. Make sure that you make quality your priority, and you don’t buy cheap and low-quality vertical blinds.

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