When you are thinking of moving to Miami, you should consider all the industries that are growing in South Florida. The industries listed below are hiring all the time, and you could move to the South Florida area to work in any of these fields. You might have loved vacationing in Miami, and you can live in this beautiful tropical climate all year long.


Moving companies in Miami, FL work with customers every day who vacationed in Miami, fell in love, and wanted to move there. You might want to work in tourism because cruise ships dock in Miami, you can offer tours in the city, work in hotels in the city, or work as a travel agent who brings people to the city for vacation, business trips, conferences, weddings, and bachelor parties.


The media industry is booming in Miami because it is the number 16 media market in America. There are major sports teams in Miami that need coverage, and the University of Miami sports teams need coverage. A popular radio show broadcasts from The Clevelander Hotel on South Beach, and you could work for one of the local network affiliates. Film companies love to work in Miami because of the weather, and you could even use the landscape to create your own media.


The technology industry is growing every year, and technology often serves other industries in the city. The finance industry needs help with technology, and the tourism industry needs help with technology at all times. Banks need help with security technology, and you could work with international trade companies that need assistance with their websites.

You can work independently, or you could work full-time for a company that needs your help.

Financial Services

Financial services are a big industry in South Florida because banks can move to Florida, pay no income tax, and prosper. Financial companies love to invest in Florida, and you could work in downtown Miami every day at one of many financial firms.

Tax accountants and financial advisors are very popular in the area because there are rich celebrities who need services. You can work with wealthy clients who have moved to the area, and you can work with athletes who are living in the city. You may be surprised to find that many professional athletes live in Miami, and they will work with you because they want to make a home there.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is growing in Miami because buildings are going up quickly, homes are selling, and vacation rentals are popular. This industry is growing every day because of how much money has been invested in the city. You could invest in real estate, work as a real estate agent, or work with an agency that needs advisors.

International Trade

You can work at the airport or a warehouse when you want to work with international trade companies. The Port of Miami needs managers and foremen who are on the water, and you could even work with the harbor pilots that bring ships in every day. International trade might include shipping items that arrive in Miami out of the city.


The industries that you want to work in are growing in Miami because the city is growing very quickly. You can use this information to choose an industry that will help you prosper in the city, and you should have a look at the industries that might need your services. You can use this information to find a new job in Miami, consider moving near your favorite vacation spot, and start a new life in a sunny city.

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