The total number of road accidents in the U.S alone is more than 6 million. Yes, the number might look dramatically high to you, but these are only the cases that are reported. You should know that even after pouring in lots of money and making changes in rules and regulations, the number of road accidents keeps on increasing. And when it comes to big vehicles like 18 wheeler trucks, then the consequences of the accident aren’t confined to a single injury as they can lead to a complete disaster.

In such a situation, there are only two types of people who can save you, doctor, and attorney. If you think that you have suffered an accident just because of the carelessness or ignorance of someone else, then you can get the compensation you deserve. But you can’t just go to a court and ask for compensation. You will need to hire an expert accident attorney like Lake Charles 18 wheeler accident attorney. So, if you are not sure what an accident attorney can do for you, then here is the list of roles and responsibilities of an accident attorney.

Making you aware of the facts

If you are thinking that filing an accident claim in the court is all about showing how much damage you have suffered, then you are highly mistaken. Accident claims can become quite complicated, and even the rules governing these types of claims are complex. This is where accident attorneys can act as your savior. The first thing done by any expert accident lawyer is to make you aware of the facts and let you know about your rights. For example, knowing how much compensation you deserve and understanding, what’s the procedure of proving someone else’s fault is very important, and this is what accident attorneys do? In addition to this, they will also let you know about the burden of proof as well.

Negotiate with the insurance company and the other party

It doesn’t matter how much you read about accident claims and how many videos you watch regarding your case, you don’t stand a chance in front of the insurance companies that are well versed in either completely denying your claim or lowering the amount. They use tried and tested methods in order to minimize or deny your claim because this is what they have been doing for the past many years. An expert lawyer like Lake Charles 18 Wheeler accident attorney will negotiate with the insurance company and try to shift the argument in your favor. The accident attorneys are well aware of the cards under the sleeves of insurance companies, and that’s why they are already prepared to deal with it.

Gather evidence

Even if the other party involved in the accident is 100% responsible for the accident, you will not be able to prove it in the court if you will not have the right pieces of evidence. Whatever you will tell the court needs to be backed up by evidence; otherwise, it will be nothing more than writing on water. There are many different pieces of evidence that you will need to gather in order to prove the fault of the other party like medical bills, police reports, photos of accidents, vehicles involved in the accident, and written statements from eyewitnesses. If you are working with a good lawyer, then they will surely help you in gathering all these important pieces of evidence that will strengthen your case in the court.

Act as your supporter

One of the most important roles played by an accident lawyer is your supporter. Throughout the trial, your accident lawyer will represent you in the court and act on your behalf so that no tables are left unturned. Without a seasoned lawyer, you will not have any support in the court, and your claim might get rejected on the very first day of trial. This is one of the main reasons why most of the informed people hire an expert accident lawyer first before even thinking about filing a claim in the court.

Choosing an expert accident lawyer will not only strengthen your claim, but you will also be able to keep yourself away from the chaos brought by court trials. Choose the best accident attorney and get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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