Every profession in the world has its foundation that keeps it stable and stand-out tools that make them successful. When you become a new employee in a completely new field, there’s a saying that goes, ‘you have to learn the tools of the trade.’ And by that, they mean that you have to know what it is in this particular field that helps you get the job done flawlessly and stands out, making it unique as well.

In some particular professions, these tools are famous and well known, and even if you just mention a certain tool, you’ll be able to link it to its ‘trade’. So what are some of the most famous tools of certain trades? The Tool Report goes over a couple and even provides you with informative guides on how to use some of these tools.

And here, we’ll go over a couple more!


In construction, there are plenty of tools that are extremely necessary to have in order to make the process more accurate and secure.

Cement Mixers:

When you think of cement mixers you’re probably thinking of these large vehicles with rotating cylinders. But now, there are portable cement mixers that are extremely convenient and lightweight, making them very easy to carry around anywhere. Cement is the foundation to pretty much any construction project, and having a cement mixer it a necessary tool.


Wheelbarrows are famous for a lot of things but they are the most famous in the world of construction because they help to carry a number of things that construction workers would simply have a terribly hard time carrying back and forth. You could say they’re the tool for carrying tools around!

Bricklaying Tools:

It’s no secret that bricklaying is super important in construction and that over the years; the tools that are used to lay the bricks have come leap and bounds in term of convenience. Brick lifting tongs make the process of getting the bricks to their desired height a much easier endeavor.


Landscaping is the amazing art of being able to transform a piece of land into something different and attractive. It involves gardening as well as adding small items here and there to give life to what would have otherwise been a very bland landscape. There are a couple of tool that are famous within the field of landscaping.

Hand Tools:

This is a given! If you’re going to be landscaping then you’re going to need every hand tool under the sun. Shovels, forks, rakes and pruners are all famous tools within the landscaping trade.

Power Tools:

Power tools are just as important when it comes to landscaping. Some of the most famous power tools are lawnmowers, trimmers and chainsaws.


What would we possibly do in a world without mechanics? Mechanics use a number of tool to make sure that our cars are up and running and always fixed when the need arises. Some of the most famous tools that mechanics need to have in their possession are:

Electronic Diagnostic Equipment:

This is a famous and necessary tool for any mechanic that actually knows what they’re doing. It helps them to properly figure out what the issue is so that they can accurately sort it out and fix it.


If the mechanic is going to really get to the root of most of the problems, then a lift is one of the most famous tools used in the profession.

Hand Tools:

Mechanics are not mechanics without they’re good old reliable hand tools that they probably have on them all the time! A set of screwdrivers and wrenches are the most famous tools associated with a mechanic.

Welding Tools:

To really get the job done, many mechanics will need to use welding equipment, and the most famous one being the flame torch cutter.


This may not have been the first thing to come to mind when you thought of professions that used ‘tools’, but no one works with their hands more than a chef! And the amount of tools used in a professional kitchen is really something amazing. And these tools are probably the most famous well known of the bunch.


No chef would be caught dead without an impressive set of knives on them and in their kitchen. Along with that, they will also have the knife sharpening tools available.

Measuring Tools:

A chef is known to be a master in his trade, and that would not be possible with the famous measuring tools, such as the measuring beaker and spoons.


In order to be able to get the perfect cook on any protein, a famous kitchen tool is the kitchen thermometer, which makes the cook on the meat perfect by being able to check the temperature in the middle.


Whether the chef is barbecuing or moving a hot piece of food from one place to another, or turning something around in a pan, the tongs are famous for their multiple uses in the kitchen.

So many tools!

There are many trades out there that are hands on, and require plenty of tools that are famously known by the majority of people around the world. It’s important that in this age of technology, that we do not forget the value of using our hands and how important many tools can be, regardless of their technicalities or size.

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