1. The Development Status of Steel Structure

The development of steel has become an important part of the development of steel structures. In order to meet the needs of the construction market, finished steel will gradually move towards the standardization of a full range of products and materials. The domestic construction steel structure shows rapid development in the quantity, variety and quality of steel, which provides a broad environment for the development of steel structure. The output of special-shaped steel and coated steel in other steel structures has been significantly improved, and the product quality has also been significantly improved. Corresponding new steels with high fire resistance, weathering steels and ultra-thin hot-rolled H-beams have been gradually applied. This project paved the way for the future of steel structures. The continuous improvement of steel structure design specifications has also provided an effective guarantee for the professional quality of designers in China’s steel structure industry, and gradually developed various forms of steel structure design software suitable for computer technology. 

In recent years, China has made great progress in steel construction technology, such as large-span lifting and sliding technology, computerized hydraulic lifting technology with intelligent systems, software applied in steel structure construction and installation, and simulation technology, etc. In the existing steel structure, there are many typical success cases, such as the two-seat slide of the passenger terminal building of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport(Company Directorsteelstructure participated in the construction of the project) and the slide of Harbin Sports Exhibition Center. Through three-dimensional real-time dynamic simulation, various construction and assembly, hoisting tests and even construction optimization processes have been basically completed. It can also find out problems in the construction plan in advance and make changes in time, thereby eliminating the need for on-site test runs and achieving twice the results with half the effort.

2. The Development of China’s Steel Structure Construction

In the current period, due to the relatively complete Chinese standards, laws and regulations, the construction design of steel structures is relatively complete in terms of software and hardware. The research level of steel structure technology is opposed to improve comprehensively, and the education and training mechanism for designers and construction personnel is relatively complete, which has played a good leading role in the development of better enterprises. The development of China’s steel structure is already quite large and has tremendous room for development. 

For example, for the “Shanghai Center”, in 2014, the “Shanghai Center” was completed and created a new height for Shanghai. Such an amazing building applied steel in its main structure. The two renowned buildings, Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center, are both made of steel. The reason why the three famous buildings use steel structure is that the steel structure has high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, industrial production, and can be recycled. Structural construction has become the main type of construction that has received much attention at this stage. Shanghai, as the birthplace of China’s steel structure industry, the earliest Chinese steel structure construction enterprise was Dabao Steel Structure Factory, which was founded in 1922. With the reform and opening up, the earliest steel structure building was Shanghai Jinshajiang Hotel. Its construction started in 1985 and became the first high-rise building adopted domestic H-beams in Shanghai.

During the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” and “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, Shanghai’s steel structure buildings gradually developed into civilized residential buildings. The Zhongfucheng community in the center of Shanghai is a steel structure residential area. At the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the use of steel structure in Shanghai reached a new stage. At the Shanghai World Expo, the total amount of steel used for steel construction was 150,000 tons, while the height of the China Pavilion was about 70 meters. The length of the roof is 138 meters, and the cantilever height is 33 meters, with 23,000 tons of steel having been put into use, and the total number of buildings more than 9,000. It took only 100 days to complete such an excellent project, highlighting the rapid construction of the steel structure, and its environmental protection. It took only 100 days to complete such an excellent project, highlighting the rapid construction of the steel structure, and its environmental protection. 

Due to the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the rapid development of the real estate industry has been promoted. More and more people want to buy commercial housing, which leads to a significant increase in the speed of real estate construction. Moreover, due to China’s growing influence on the international stage, China has more and more opportunities to host international competitions, which increases the chances of participating in high-spec large-span construction projects.  Steel structure has many advantages in the construction industry. Therefore, the demand is even stronger. Large buildings not only require higher engineering quality, but also set higher standards for the utilization of building space which traditional construction methods are more difficult to meet.

Whether it is a brick-concrete structure or a concrete structure, due to the long time in construction and limited structural span, it is difficult to meet the requirements of short construction period and large span, however the steel structure can meet all these requirements. In view of the current construction status of Chinese stadiums, almost all large venues adopt steel structure building systems. Some large factories also use steel structures for construction. In short, the steel structure has very good development prospects.

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