Maintaining a Ford Diesel Truck is very different from maintaining any regular gas-powered vehicle. Diesel engines ignite the fuel in the engine using the heat of compression, and with fewer contact parts, they are also far less costly to maintain.

However, not maintaining the diesel truck regularly can kill the engine and cause a lot of damage. Undoubtedly, it is vital that you invest some time and care into your truck.

Here, we will talk about some tips to increase the life of your Ford Diesel engine.

Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

You can check your manual to find out when you need to get your oil changed. It highly depends on how you use your truck. Old and dirty oil breaks up into fewer molecules which makes ultimately damages the engine. 

If any amount of moisture or air enters the oil molecules, then the oil gets contaminated and loses its viscosity. The longer you keep the same engine oil, the more contaminated and dirty it gets. Such contaminated oil does not help engine lubrication and this affects engine life.

Oil Filters

Oil filters help to clean the oil, keeping it free from various contaminants that can damage the engine. You can use a high-quality oil filter that can keep your engine safe from damage. So, you need to ensure that the oil filter meets the requirements of the diesel truck and is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturers.

Diesel Treatment

It is advisable to pour diesel treatment into your fuel tank before you fill it up with diesel. This keeps your engine free from fuel impurities and also  gives your engine a boost in performance. It ensures that your engine burns fuel more efficiently and your piston strokes have more power.

Avoid Idling

Idling diesel engines damage them as it doesn’t maintain the temperatures high enough for combustion. Idling beyond fifteen minutes can cause a lot of damage to the engine. If you avoid idling, it can add many more years to your Ford truck.

If the combustion temperatures are not maintained, the fuel might go between the rings to the crankcase. Hence you should take that the engine is not left idle for long.

Check  Air Filter

Since the diesel engine requires a lot of air, proper care must be provided to the air filters. If you install an air filter restriction gauge, it can give you information about the air filter condition. The air filter indication will change once it becomes dirty. Otherwise, you need to get your air filters checked regularly or replace them for every service.

Drain Water Separator

You need to drain the water separator regularly to increase the life of your engine. You can install a modified air pump and filtration system that is located near the fuel filter. If your diesel vehicle does not have one, you can have it installed and save repair costs and from water entering your fuel.

Routinely check the Gaskets

Gaskets are exposed to high operating and they need to checked time to time. You always have to replace the whole gasket set and not just one leaky part. You also need to redo your engine mounting bolts to prevent any leaks.

You also need to check the coolant hoses that can deteriorate if they become loose. Such issues are caused by engine vibrations which are quite common for diesel engines. 

Aftermarket Ford Diesel performance parts are a very popular option. Places like this one offers a great variety of aftermarket performance products and accessories. It should go without saying that you should never forget the regular maintenance of your truck, which is extremely important to ensure quality performance on the road.

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