Unless you convert your house into a fortress, burglars can easily break into it. As illustrated by the Home Alarm Report, seasoned thieves can enter your home within seconds and get away with almost all of your valuable items.

These burglars can quickly either pick your locks or break your glass windows using small stones and hammers. However, there are some tips which you can utilize to keep your home secure. Here are the eight most crucial security enhancement success factors;

Good Lighting

Thieves usually like to operate in dark environments. Therefore, your home should have good lighting so that it can be more secure.

Both your indoor and outdoor areas should be well lit. You should also purchase motion triggered lights and install them outside your house.

These motion sensor lights will automatically go on when they sense any movement of an intruder. This way, criminals will always run for their lives when these lights go on because they will think that someone has noticed them.

When you go for an extended vacation, you should always leave your lamps on timers. When you put your lights on timers, you will create a false illusion to thieves that you are present and they will refrain from invading your home.

Porch Alarm Systems

You should purchase Porch Alarm systems so that your home can be more secure. These Porch Alarm systems will always alert you in case of any possible intrusion.

If you can’t afford Porch Alarm Systems, then you should consider using false home alarms. You can get these false home alarms from online stores. This way, criminals will have a false illusion that a reputable security company safeguards your home, and they won’t attack it.

Secure Locks

For your home to be secure, you should purchase robust locks. If you use basic latches, burglars can quickly break into your house.

There are several types of robust locks. Some of these types include electronic, magnetic, and mortice locks. Magnetic and electric locks can be quite expensive, but mortice locks are usually affordable.

You can only open a mortice lock with a key. This way, burglars can’t break into your home by merely either turning your door knobs or breaking the panels of your door.

Also, you should install locks on your windows. If you lock your windows with sturdy latches, thieves will not attempt to enter your house through them.

Home Safe for Storing Valuables

If you own many valuable items, then you should purchase a safe which will help you store them. Criminals are usually unable to access your precious items if you put them inside a safe.

Most safes will require you to create strong passwords before you store your valuable items inside them. As a rule of thumb, don’t reveal your safe’s password to a person whom you don’t trust.

Limit Access to Your Premises

You shouldn’t let everyone enter your home. The only people who should have unlimited access to your premises include your family members and friends.

Before you permit any acquaintance to enter your home, you must conduct a thorough background check of him or her. Also, you should refrain from hiring unsolicited help. This way, you will not let criminals into your home unknowingly.

Climbing Roses, Hedges, and Thorny Shrubs

You can utilize fences, walls, and chain links to bar intruders from accessing your home. However, burglars can breach these fences, chain links, and walls when they intend to break into your home.

As illustrated by Survival Frog, you should reinforce all your fences with climbing roses, hedges, and thorny shrubs. This way, thieves will have a hard time entering your home since the thorns in your fence barriers will prick them.

Deception and False Illusions

You should always strive to deceive burglars that you are present in your home when you are far away from it. This way, they will refrain from attacking your home since they may fear you contacting the authorities.

For example, you can put your lights and appliances on timers, or you can tell a friend to be driving in your runway at specific times when you are away. Also, you can utilize fake dog signs to scare off intruders.

Neighbourhood Watch

You should always maintain a good relationship with your neighbours. This way, they can watch your house when you are away and alert you if they notice something unusual happening in your home.

Also, you should be aware of the new crime trends in your neighbourhood. If you are at par with the current crime trends, you will be able to safeguard your home using the latest technologies and security tricks.


Keeping your home secure is not a daunting task. When you implement these security enhancement factors, you will successfully protect your house from intruders.

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