As it has always been known, the heart of every home is the kitchen. This is among the most used room in every house. From hosting parties as well as entertaining guests to the family meal times to aiding the children with their homework, kitchen has been known to fulfill all these purposes. Therefore, it does make sense to incorporate stylish and practical interiors that are going to stand the test of time into the multi-functional space.

However, when one is creating his/her kitchen, there are several elements that you may need to think about. Is there enough storage space? Have you selected the best lighting? Where are you going to put the appliances? More importantly, is the question of which design best suits you and the family that you have. You do not need to worry as your small kitchen will still look beautiful even with your budget. Besides, a good looking digital food thermometer will make your kitchen stylish. Here are some beautiful kitchen ideas for middle-class families.

5 Simple Kitchen Design for Middle Class Family

Individual focal point

When one is decorating or even renovating the kitchen, it is very crucial for one to make the focal point. For a small kitchen, it is a bit tough to be able to make an exact focal point. In addition, you can be able to make the entire kitchen to be the focal point. For this use, the particular color throughout the space as the eyes moves entire space. It is going to make this entire space an entire focal point or the entire space a particular unit.

Smart use of the light

For the small or even tiny space, proper lighting is essential. If lightning for the kitchen is superb, then it is going to make the kitchen looks bigger and also while you are working you are not going to feel suffocated. You can be able to use the Pendant light on top and fluorescent lighting under cabinets for a superb experience.

Proper Coloring

Coloring is very important irrespective if it is a big kitchen or even small. For the small kitchen, excellent use of color is very important. However, the color can make tiny space look large and comfortable. The light colors usually make space look big while dark color gives an exact opposite. For the little space, I would suggest one use blue as blue is going to look large and comfortable.

Open Shelves

For the small space, the open shelves are very suitable. When it comes to the open shelves, they are free from the common hardware and the massive structure hence it provides a contemporary and a better look. The open shelves are going to help you to keep the kitchen tools in a very organized way. However, it does push the eye to be able to watch all the way to the wall hence permitting place to be able to appear larger. You are also going to find out that there are very many options for the open shelves that are very much affordable.

Cabinet Palette

It is very important that you use the standard and the flat cabinets with no extra staffs. You can be able to use the tekta glass door in the cabinet instead of the solid ones for that classy look. However, the natural color should be better for cabinets. While hanging cabinets do add soffit or even trim, then get to hang the cabinets flush so that it does appear to be reading into the wall.


There is no need to panic in case you do not have a large space. Even the little space which you have can still look good if it is decorated well. I am confident that these simple kitchen design for the middle-class family will aid in decorating the small kitchen you have to make it look classy and comfortable as well.

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