Everyone dreams for a happy ending when they are in love. But not everyone can achieve their dream since love is never easy. It requires a lot of efforts and dedications. So how can you be with your loved one forever? Here are Secrets to create a loving relationship that really last.

Source: Do Choi Tinh Duc

Accept the differences

If you want a long lasting love, the first thing you should do is to accept the differences. Everyone has unique characteristics and some of them you may not like. But when you are in love, you have to accept the “bad” along with the “good” of your loved one. No one is perfect so that you have to love the person for who they really are even you can’t fully understand them. It is the core of love.

Be realistic

Love is romantic but a long-lasting relationship is realistic. This is because when you want to live together forever, you have to think beyond the present. Ask yourself some questions like: “Can we manage money to build our future? Will he/she be good supporter? Is this the person I can count on for the rest of my life?….”. You have to answer these questions honestly because it will help you define if this is the right one or not.

Be honest to each other

Everyone has a secret and you don’t have to tell your partner everything about your life. However, it is important to be honest to each other. For example, there will a few days when you are boring or tired with this love, let’s tell your partner your feeling and sit together to find a way to overcome these gloomy days. Speaking up your feelings, your thoughts sometimes is not easy but it is necessary to build a strong relationship that lasts forever.

Listen to your partner

Listening is the key success of a forever relationship. You need to talk and listen to each other all the time. Listening not only means to listen to your partner’s words, it also means listening to what your partner doesn’t say. Sometimes, you may do something hurting your partner and he/she will be too sad to say a word. So you have to read the emotions of your partner and try to make it up for him/her. If you don’t listen to your partner regularly, your love will soon disappear.

Listening is the key success of a forever relationship

Never take your partner for granted

All the great things your partner has done to you is because he/she loves you so much. Hence, you should never take your partner for granted. You have to appreciate what he/she has given to you and show your appreciation to him/her. Let’s say “Thank you dear” and give him/her “special” presents such as a surprising kiss or taking him/her out for a movie. There are numerous ways to show how grateful you are to him/her. So let’s start showing it now.

Understand that every relationship comes with responsibilities

Because heart is near to the shoulders, love always comes with responsibilities. When you love someone for life, you are responsible for taking care of not only that person but also their family and then your children. There will be a lot of stressful responsibilities but they are worth taking.

Be independent

When you are in love, you usually want to be with your partner all the times. This could be romantic at the beginning but it will soon turn into boring when you two keep sticking together. That’s why you should give yourself and your partner private space. Let’s have time to enjoy your life and do whatever you want to do like reading your favorite books, shopping with besties,… Do what you love and don’t let your happiness depend on your partner. Depending is the fastest to kill your love.

Make everyday “special”

Don’t wait any special day or event to surprise your partner. Let’s make everyday special by doing simple things to the other. For example, you can massage your partner when he or she has an exhausting day or you cook his or her favorite meal to cheer he/she up.

A tip to make everyday “special” is to do “crazy” things together. Let’s make a list of “crazy things to do” and do it together. For instance, you can swim or dance in the rain together. Be creative because there are millions ideas to fill everyday with joy. And when everyday becomes special, your love will enjoyable forever.

Be there for your partner

The modern life makes us so busy but it doesn’t mean we are too busy to love. There are many ways to communicate when we have less time such as a “Cheer up” message when your partner is tired of list of deadline. Or you two can arrange to have dinner together and then go for a walk. Everyday has 24 hours that means 1.440 minutes or 86.400 seconds. Why can’t you have a few minutes for your loved one? Therefore, let’s be there for your love, especially when he/she needs you. This is what love for.

Love means being there for the one you love

Love what matters

No matter how deeply you love your partner, sometimes fight still happens for many reasons. When it happens, let’s take a deep breath and tell yourself “Love what matters”. Because love what matters so it is not worth arguing and saying bad words to other. It’d better to take a deep breath and be silent for a few minutes. This helps you calmer and prevent doing terrible things to your partner such as shouting at him/her, saying goodbye,…  Let’s tell yourself “Love what matters” everyday, you will find your love much happier.

Forgive and forget

The one you love is imperfect. Sometimes, he/she makes mistake and hurts you. You can be sad, you can be angry, but you should remember to forgive when they apologize sincerely. And after forgiving, you should let it go and give your partner a chance to make this love more beautiful. Remember, let go what can let go. This will make love more comfortable.

Treat each other’s families like, well, family

The best to share in love is the family. Treating his/her family like your family and vice versa will strengthen the bonds of your relationship. So instead of hanging out for weekends, why don’t you come back to his/her family cook a meal and vice versa? This simple actions will help you two connected deeply to each other and to the family of the partner.

Plan for the future

How can love be romantic without a little dream? Let’s plan the future together. For example, if you two aren’t married, you can plan for wedding and your dream house. Or if you two are married, why don’t you plan for next amazing “honeymoon” that you’ve been waiting? A detailed plan for the future is a big step to achieve the goal “together forever”.

Building a love together takes a lot of efforts and dedications more than love. It is never easy but it is worth doing. That’s why you should apply these little secrets into your relationship and deepen your connection. Let’s share with your friends these secrets and tell us your secrets of long-lasting love.

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