A Mouse is an essential device. Whether it is for office work, games or daily leisure. So, what should we pay attention to about the choice of Mouse? The following points can provide you with some references.


Most Mice have at least two buttons. We call them as left and right buttons. Most operating systems assign major operations to the left button. As selecting objects and clicking items on the screen. Assign secondary actions to the right button. Such as opening a menu. Of course, there are exceptions. Some Mice may have only one button. Such Mice use various techniques to imitate the right Mouse button as needed.

A Mouse usually has more function buttons. These Mice have some buttons at the top. There are some side buttons for accessing various special actions. They can scroll and perform other actions. In many cases, these multi-button Mice have their corresponding software. They can customize and remap buttons and rollers to achieve a wide range of personalized functions. Appropriate buttons and rollers can improve the work efficiency and use experience. If you are using complex applications, a Mouse with various buttons can be more helpful. It can be responded to various functions.

Wired Mouse or wireless Mouse

Buying a computer usually can get a free wired Mouse. The response speed of the wired Mouse is higher than that of the wireless Mouse. There is no need to consider wireless Mouse for high respond speed. Wireless Mice are divided into USB-RF and Bluetooth Mice. USB-RF Mice need additional accessories to receive signals. There will be similar troubles with wired Mice. Buying Bluetooth Mouse is the best choice for relax experience.


LED lamp is another function. It mainly designed for the game Mouse. They make the Mouse look better. Some can reflect feedback from the game system. Such Mice come with customizable lights. Some have software that can match the games installed by users.

Additional Input Options

Traditional Mouse is not the only way to control PC. There are several other options that can work in different situations. For example, a laptop supports a touch screen to operate. Some laptops provide a touch-sensitive screen. You can use a digital pen or stylus pen to write and draw on the display.

laptops always have their own touch pads. Touch pads can measure the movement of users’ fingers on flat surfaces. Some touch pads have physical buttons. Some allow one or two fingers to tap to record left and right clicks. Some touch pads support multi-touch gestures. Sometimes users can use four fingers to operate. Such as scrolling and switching between application windows.

The Two in One is one of the most popular portable devices. Users can convert traditional laptops into tablet computers. You can switch between the touch pad and the touch screen on these machines. This operation depends on the situation.

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