Today, there is a vast range of fridge-freezers designed especially for caravans. Finding the right caravan fridge freezer for your needs can be overwhelming. You need to look for more than just space for the beer and wine. This article helps you know everything about the caravan fridges.

There are two main types of caravan fridges: compressor and absorption.

Compressor fridges

Compressor refrigerators have become the most common caravan refrigerators as solar and lithium battery storage has grown in popularity. These refrigerators are also known as two-way fridges, similar to home refrigerators. It employs a compressor as a cooler and may be powered by a 12/24V battery or a 240V power hookup from the mains or generator.

A 3-way refrigerator was the first form of refrigerator used in motorhomes, caravans, and other campers. The 3-way caravan fridge freezer offers the benefit of having three different power sources: 12/24V, 240V, and LPG. It doesn’t have a compressor, but it does have a cooler that consumes evaporated ammonia.

Things to consider before buying a caravan fridge freezer

Analyse the required space 

Caravan fridge freezers come in various capacities ranging from 30-forty to 280 litres. If you want to “go ’round the block,” look at the more giant freezers with capacities ranging from 140 to 280 litres. They’re usually built as two-door refrigerators with a crisper compartment. If you use the caravan for long weekends or short trips, the 60-80 litre compressor refrigerator has plenty of room to keep veggies, snacks, and alcohol cool.

A freezer compressor drawer variant is ideal for your car’s small interior or exterior area. It’s important to remember that the bigger, the better. The perfect method is to get the most miniature refrigerator that meets your demands since this will save you money and energy. Of course, you must also consider whether you can relax indoors and whether the refrigerator’s size (in measurements) will fit in the car. In the specs, look for “necessary cutout dimensions.”

What kind of power do you need?

Three different power sources, including LPG, are available with the 3-way refrigerator. 2-way compressor refrigerators, on the other hand, will only be available in 12/24 volt or 240-volt models, with the latter being the most efficient. In sweltering conditions, the compressor refrigerator will continue to chill while the absorption refrigerator will work well at a maximum ambient temperature. Modern compressor refrigerators run on a 12V battery quite effectively. Dometic, for example, claims that its CRX110 refrigerator and freezer use at least 1.2 amp-hours at ambient temperatures of 25 degrees and 5 degrees, respectively.

What are the security features?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a problem with LPG caravan refrigerators. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, tasteless, and invisible gas created when LPG and other fuels are burnt. The good news is that the Dometic 3-way refrigerator has an automatic flame shut-off feature that protects against carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember that 3-way absorption refrigerators must be installed and certified by a qualified, licensed gas provider since incorrectly or illegally fitted items will invalidate the warranty. The product manuals may find installation instructions for Caravan 2-Way Compressor Freezers.

What is the amount of noise produced?

As absorption refrigerators lack the operational additives in compressor refrigerators, they operate quietly.

And that’s an added plus when you’re living in a small place!

While the compressor kicks up, compressor refrigerators emit a slight noise.

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