With the evolution of technology, the method of payment has also evolved. It is a thing of the past to send to it in the form of spreadsheet or paper forms. Payment procedures are also revolutionized accordingly. 

Procedure to pay solution is a solution that is completely integrated and is designed in order to support an end-to-end process, with services and goods uploaded into payable systems of accounts along with ready-to-play files. 

This method has helped and made decisions easier by giving real insight regarding payment solutions. It is stated that over 50% of major organizations will be shifted towards the P2p solution by 2025.

Best Procedure to payment software solutions for you

In the beginning, p2p software solutions were the only extensions of present accounting systems or ERP tools. But with the evolution of technology, features were introduced for the ease of people so that people can use it and can completely trust and rely on it.

  • Purchase requisition solution

This solution helps with the purchase requisitions, important approvals, and dispatching of promotion packages to the procurement area. It makes it easy to track the status of the purchase requisition. The whole process is done through modern features which makes it easy to capture or keep track of requests regarding purchase.

  • Vendor management

It is a whole new procedure for an organization to deal with vendors. It offers a detailed insight into data of vendor information and professional performance both along with confidential information of the supplier. 

The stated information proves really helpful whether it is related to procurement decisions or strategic sourcing. It proves to be an easy-to-use tool which comprehensive so that managing vendors and following up with them could become an easy task.

  • E-Invoicing management

A solution to manage, store, and process invoices securely. The process is actually rule-based which makes sure to route and match related invoices in accordance with purchase orders and receipts of orders. The modern solution of payments makes it exceptionally easy to manage all exceptions such as shipping charges or hidden taxes. 

It keeps track and well-informed both users when the information which is approved doesn’t match on both sides. The notification regarding the error of the purchase order is automatically sent and hence, informed.

  • Purchase order solution

This solution helps the organization in purchase creating purchase orders, Po approvals, and dispatching those PO’s directly to vendors.

You can obtain, approve, dispatch PO’s or send a request automatically through it. Through the procedure to pay cycle, keeping track of purchase orders has become very easy and manageable.

Features P2P solution offers

Gone are the days when you have to go through all this stress to manage payments and stuff. The procedure of rapid digitization has replaced the traditional system which was working. If you are looking for a modern P2p solution, then keep in mind the following features:

  • Integration:  Connect your finance software and procurement cloud through it.
  • Smart dashboards:  You can even customize the content present on the dashboard.
  • Real analytics: By using visual reports, you can obtain important information from the data available.
  • Matching three ways: You can match invoices with related purchase acquisition and Post accordingly.

Other features include compatibility with mobile or dynamic workflow with a smooth experience of using it.

Need of P2p solution?

A comprehensive solution such as P2p is excellent in catering to all needs regarding monitoring or managing the procurement process. It helps you to keep track of and current status of every reinvent thing whether it’s supplies, inventory, procurement data, operational expense.

You can have a check on everything at one medium. A comprehensive solution makes sure to keep the thing running with the right instructions and ensured methods.


Every business has different needs and deserves the best to bloom therefore this cost-effective payment solution is best to take care of all those things. 

These solutions are up-to-date versions and in accordance with modern functionalities making them easily accessible from a web browser, providing excellent user experience and accurate methods. Just learn to use it and you are good to go in order to manage all the grind of payment and procurements.

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