Spas offer various forms of treatment based on not only your individual needs, but also their own special concoctions and combinations of treatments. One thing you may notice is that every spa package includes some of the most common spa treatments that you can also get individually, and usually even though it’s more expensive, it still costs less than getting the individual experiences and paying for each of them separately. In this article, we’re going to list the most common spa treatments and how they’re beneficial. Keep in mind, if you wish to get this in a package deal, it’s entirely up to you.


Most of the two most popular forms of massage therapy are the Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage. Swedish massages are full-body massages that don’t necessarily go into a deep tissued work, while deep tissue massages get down under the skin more and give you focused work and massage on parts of your body that are tensed more than others. One other form that is quite popular at Himalayan Energy Day Spa is the relaxation massage, and sometimes these various massages are all mixed in together with their own unique experience.

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments offer a form of getting a deep-cleaning treatment for your facial skin, but each spa has a unique experience. They still follow the same basic principles that a facial require, which is to start with a powerful cleansing wash, then a facial exfoliating scrub, a nutrient extract to treat your skin, a facial massage, and then the finishing touch is a mask which helps your body rehydrate and heal itself.

The most important thing to know from spa to spa, is that each spa has usually different aromatically and brand-name wise. Most spas have an esthetician who can help you find the right facial for you. And some facial treatments involve chemical peels, special foot and scalp massages along with it, while other spas may use LED light treatment (certain UV light treatments have been used for years now in order to treat various skin conditions and help rejuvenate the skin).

Body Scrubs

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it helps your body be completely free of toxins as well as open your pores and cleanse your body or prepare it for other deep tissue treatments. These can even be used both before or after sauna treatments for a fully detoxifying bodily experience.

Sauna Treatments

Some spas have special sauna treatments to help open your pores even further, while the sweat is created to detoxify your body. Do find out whether your spa offers treatment with or without halotherapy, which is a form of salt therapy in which they use saltwater instead of regular water in their saunas. Also, be sure you don’t get into a sauna if you have any experience with heat related illnesses that have been problematic or frequent (like heat exhaustion or heat stroke).


This is only a handful of the wonderful world of popular spa treatments, but some of the most popular aside from manicures and pedicures. If you have any questions, be sure that you ask to see your target spa’s menu, or you can usually even find it if the spa-in-question has a website. Many list what types of treatments they perform on a regular basis, as well as prices both online and offline. Go all out and pamper yourself, and splurge a little, but know there is plenty you can do in your budget.

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