There are many reasons why you will want to make your home more accessible. Perhaps you are getting older and want to maintain total independence around the home, or perhaps you want to help a loved one with their recovery, a new disability, or even just help them adjust to worsening mobility issues. The point is, there are many reasons why a home needs to be more accessible, and with these six great options, you’ll know how to make your home more accessible: 


1. Rent or Buy Accessibility Tools 


Making a home more accessible can be done in a variety of stages. For a loved one who is recovering from an accident and needs additional mobility assistance for only a short period of time, renting the necessary equipment from is the smartest, most economical way to make your home accessible. 

For longer-term solutions, buying these accessibility tools and having them around the home is the better option, though you won’t want to stop there. 


2. Retrofit Your Bathroom 


If you have mobility issues, then the best thing that you can do for yourself after investing in mobility tools is to retrofit your bathroom. Walk-in showers that don’t have a lip, as well as walk-in bathtubs are great additions to have and will serve you well. Spa time can ease aches and pains, and accessible-friendly bathrooms are enjoyable by all, making this retrofit a great investment for your home. 


3. Add a Ramp 


Adding a ramp up into your home is one of the easiest things you can do, regardless of whether you use a wheelchair or not. If your joints find climbing stairs difficult, then adding that ramp will spare you harsh inclines. Just remember to get a ramp that offers a gentle incline; you don’t want to try to walk up a ramp that is the same steepness as the stairs. This will achieve nothing. 


4. Install a Chair Lift or Similar Alternative


If stairs continue to be an issue for you, then you need to address the stairs inside your home as well. You could relocate the bedroom to the main floor, or you can have a chair lift installed so that you can get up and down your own home whenever your legs are causing you an issue. 


5. Rethink Storage 


When mobility issues are a concern, it isn’t likely that you or your loved one will be able to bend down low to drawers or cupboards, and similarly won’t be able to reach up very far. Simple storage solutions can fix all of this. There are a variety of shelving options that can be pulled up or down with a simple lever system that means the contents of any cupboard can be accessible in an instant. 


6. Widen the Doors 


If you need to make your home more accessible for a wheelchair user, then there is no getting around the necessity of widening the doors in your home. Thankfully doing so can really open up your home and make it feel bigger and more spacious at the same time. There are many grants and funding help as well so that you can provide yourself or your loved one with the home that you need to be independent. 

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