Each of us has an animal or pet that we think is cute. It could be a dog, a kitten, or a cat, but you probably don’t know how many more cute animals there are in the world. From mammals to birds, around us on the earth and across the sky are scurrying a lot of charming creatures. Since these fluffies are quite rare, you definitely will not find them in your backyard. Curious to see some of the cutest animals? Here are 15 lovely representatives of the animal world, which you never knew.


Originally from East Asia, a Tanuki or raccoon dog may look like a raccoon, but these animals have more in common with wolves. Tanuki is particularly popular in Japan, and it’s easy to see why. Their thick, fluffy fur and appearance make them an enviable object for hugging.


Lizuna is a kind of affection, but she is so white and charming, how can you not stroke her? However, the only way to find this little Fuzzy is to go to Hokkaido Island in Japan.

Antelope Jumper

Living in Africa, antelope jumper, like the dwarf antelope, loves rocky terrain and keeps himself apart. The Dutch name for these antelopes sounds like a klipspringer, which means “jumping over rocks.”


Walking on the sands of Africa, the pangolin is a cute small creature covered with scales. It consists of keratin, which consists of our hair. Unfortunately, this animal is in great demand, because of which there is an active trade in pangolins so that it can be endangered.

Dwarf Lory

This furry animal with eyes like a beetle is not a monkey, and although you want to hug him, it’s better not to. Dwarf, he’s fat Lori – the only poisonous mammal in the world.

The Iravadi Dolphin

The Iravadi dolphin plows the seas and oceans of Southeast Asia, while it looks quite joyful and calm, although there are only 78-91 specimens left in wildlife.

Civeta Oustona

Living in the forests of Africa and Asia and in river basins, the crown of Ostona looks like a child of a tiny cat and a raccoon. From it, and rushing milota.

Mane Wolf

Mane Wolf is a majestic creature, and it seems that it materialized from an amazing science fiction novel. With a full mane of hair and incredibly long legs, this animal is not a wolf or a fox, but a representative of a separate genus Chrysocyon.

Japanese Flying Squirrel

Japanese flying squirrel is found in Japan and looking at their big eyes and cute appearance, and you realize that they were invented specifically to squeeze.

Golden brush-tailed Possum

Who would have thought that possum could be cute? The golden brush-tailed possum certainly wins the prize. Unfortunately, because of their white fur coat, they become easy prey in the wild.

English Angora Rabbit

Dear “fluffy king,” the giant Angora rabbit looks like a pillow with eyes. Weighing up to 3 kg, this rabbit grows a ton of wool annually and needs constant care.


Olingito lives in the forests of Colombia and Ecuador. This furry creature, which looks like a cross between a cat and a bear, was reopened in 2013, and we wish him all the best.


These tiny chickens have a feature that makes them even more attractive in a certain sense. Lopaten is so unique that it formed its genus called Eurynorhynchus.

Red Crested Rat

The red-crested tree rat is a solitary fluffy that looks like a guinea pig. Few people met her in the wild, but after 113 years of hearing no one heard about these animals, they managed to make some lovely photos.


He is also called the Sunda flying lemur, and this is not true, since it does not fly, and it is not a lemur. But his big eyes and tiny little face are, of course, very cute. His main ability is to plan from tree to tree. The recorded length of such a path was 136 m.

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