More than 13 million American households keep fishes as pets. They are the 3rd most popular pets next to dogs and cats. The aquatic life can make a great addition to your line of pets at home. But you need to take proper care of them if you want them to stick around for the long run.

Freshwater fish requires extra care and pampering as a pet. If you are planning to keep one, you will need to follow up on some important freshwater fish tips to do that.

What Is a Freshwater Fish?

Freshwater fishes are those species present in the freshwater for all of their lives. It includes lakes and rivers with a salinity level of 1.05%. The environment that they live in is very much different than marine life in multiple ways.

About 41.24% of the known fish species in the world comes from freshwater. It is mainly due to the rapid speciation responsible for scattering the habitats that make it possible. There are about 9000 species of freshwater fish in the world right now.

Tips on How to Keep Them Healthy and Happy

Step 1 – Enquire your local fish store about the condition your aquariumfishwas kept in. It should mainly concern the nitrite, pH levels, and ammonia. Sudden changes in the water condition of your fish can be fatal. You need to test your own tank at home and check for drastic variations. Based on that, you need to allow additional time for your fish to properly acclimated to the tank.

Step 2 – You need to make sure that the bag your aquariumfishcame in was properly sealed. Proceed to place the floating bag in the tank for a minimal of 15 minutes. It will allow your fish to get accustomed to the temperature and avoid shock. Add about ¼ cup of water from your tank into the bag.

Repeat this process after every five minutes until you fill the bag. It enables your fish to get accustomed to the parameter and temperature of your tank. Start emptying the water into a sink, but leave enough for the fish to immerse. Now lower the bag on to the tank and let your fish swim out.

Step 3 – Overstocking can cause oxygen levels below, which can be fatal and excessive waste (fish or food) that might clog your filter. It will lead to a decrease in the quality of the water. Plus, multiple fishes within a small space will cause fatalities. You need to get an optimally sized tank for preventing this issue.

Step 4 – A Proper water condition will determine the long-term health of your aquariumfish, read more here. The tap water comes with multiple properties that need proper balance within a fish tank for supporting its life. It is advisable to use a biological and de-chlorinating fish tank supplement to properly condition the water. You can get it from the local pet store.

Step 5 – Make sure that you always have a pH test at your disposal. You can use it frequently to monitor the pH levels in your tank. The correct pH levels for freshwater fishes, in general, are from 6.6-7.8. Keeping track of the pH level will help your aquariumfishto be resistant to different diseases. The right acidity is essential in your fish tank at all times for them to live.

Step 6 – It is recommended to get rid of and refill about 25% of the water in the fish tank. You need to do it once a month at the minimum. It won’t interrupt the biological cycle in your tank by maintaining the nitrate levels. Your tank will remain clean and healthy at all times. Try using a gravel siphon when you are changing the water.

Step 7 – Your fish tank should have a consistent temperature. Don’t place your fish tanks near the windows, heaters, fans, and air conditioning units. The drastic change in temperature can be really fatal for all of your fishes.

Step 8 – Growth of algae on the fish tanks will reduce the oxygen levels. It will cause harm to both the plants and the fishes. You should use scrub brushes with long handles and magnetic scrub brushes to get rid of the algae. You can purchase them from the local pet store.

Summing It Up!

Fishes make amazing pets and companions. Freshwater fishes do require intensive care, but they are all worth it. Put on a little extra work to offer a healthy and well-managed environment for your freshwater fishes. It will keep them happy and healthy at all times, and you won’t regret one bit of it. They will keep you entertained and accompanied all the time.

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