The diversity of cannabidiol (CBD) pet supplements is increasing. And as a result, many pet owners are finding the overwhelming array of the available CBD products confusing. Despite the growing variety, however, oil tinctures and pet treats remain the most popular ways to give CBD to pets. Which of these two types of CBD pet supplements can help your pet enjoy the benefits of CBD the most?

Say When: What CBD Dosage Are You After for Your Pet?

By far and large, CBD oil tinctures are the most precise method of administering CBD to your pet according to this CBD website for pets. As such, they give you access to the widest range of CBD concentrations to choose from. In addition, CBD oil tinctures have higher amount of CBD on average compared to other CBD pet supplements.

CBD pet treats, on the other hand, represent the least precise method of dosing CBD to your pet. The amount of CBD in them can differ depending on the manufacturer. At the same time, CBD pet treats offer a limited choice of CBD concentrations to pick from.

Not so Easy: How Much Does Your Pet Welcome CBD?

CBD oil tinctures are the hardest method of giving CBD to your pet. While they work at their best when you administer them directly under your pet’s tongue, some pets resist the procedure. Trying to get your pet to lick up the drops is an alternative, but then the supplement’s efficiency may suffer.

On the contrary, CBD pet treats are the easiest way to help your pet enjoy CBD. Tasty chews and biscuits with CBD require no effort on your part because your pet won’t hesitate to try them. On top of that, CBD pet treats come in a variety of flavors that can sway even the pickiest pets.

Consider the Why: What Does Your Pet Need CBD for?

CBD oil tinctures are the best option for giving CBD to pets who need it in higher dosages. Thanks to higher concentrations of CBD in them, oil tinctures can deliver the therapeutic effects of CBD with higher potency. This makes them a better choice for pets who suffer from serious conditions, such as inflammatory disorders or appetite issues.

If your pet, however, needs CBD only for some minor behavior issues, pet treats may be a better option. Suitable for frequent use, CBD pet treats can serve as a potent behavior modification tool and anxiety relief. In addition, containing less CBD and being less stressful to give, pet treats are ideal for pets new to CBD.

CBD Oil vs CBD Pet Treats: Choice Is Not Always a Must

With the help of the above factors, you can recognize your pet’s needs and decide what suits your pet better. In fact, both CBD oil tinctures and CBD pet treats can be important parts of your pet’s CBD supplementation program. To make the best decision for your pet, consider the above factors and consult a knowledgeable veterinary professional whenever necessary.

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