You are planning a hiking trip, and you know one of the things you will need is clean water.  Since you cannot lug around a huge bottle of water, you will need something that can purify any water you use: enter LifeStraw, a real survival must-have item.  The product has received a lot of positive response, and you can get more information about it at

What Is Lifestraw

LifeStraw is a filtration device that is lightweight and portable.  Coming in at only 2oz or 56g, it is so light that if you like, you can wear it around your neck. It comes with a lanyard; you do not need a piece of string to tie it around your neck.

It also has caps on both ends, so there will be no dirt or debris getting into the straw. It is pocket-friendly and will allow you to filter your water anywhere you go. In your journey, you will find different sources of water, but you never know what it contains.  Having an on-the-spot filtration system will help you avoid many issues like digestive disorders, funny tasting water, among others.

How Does It Work 

The process is quite simple; the Lifestraw is actually a hollow membrane filter right in the straw. You place it in the water, and as you suck, it will force the water through the filter. You get to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa. The filter will work for up to 1000 liters of water and comes in at $20.

Do note though; the filter will not be able to remove the microscopic chemicals, minerals, or viruses. You will, however, be able to prevent several water-borne diseases through the use of this inexpensive water filtration system.

Does It Work?

If what you’re looking for is basic water filtration, then it is something worth having in your backpack. It is also a great component to have in your emergency preparedness kit. It is excellent for anyone who may be hiking, camping, or in a disaster relief situation.

The process of cleaning it is easy; all you need to do is blow through the filter when you finish drinking the water.

What You May Not Like 

As we have stated above, it will not clean the minerals or microscopic virus, so its functionality is for the bacteria and protozoa.

You can only use it directly when you want to drink your water. Drink directly from the source, or collect the water into a container, and drink from it. If you are thinking of storing filtered water, you will not be able to use LifeStraw to do that.

The caps at both ends may stick or close as you are drinking the water. Some people, therefore, prefer to cut them off.

Final Thoughts 

We believe that LifeStraw is something you should get if you are going on a hiking trip or when camping. You need to be able to get clean drinking water so that you prevent any water-borne diseases. The price point is friendly, and it will give you long-term usage.

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