Back fat can affect you in more ways than one. That bra bulge, love handles can actually be pretty annoying. So, the bottom line is, if you have got it you have got to lose it, back fat we mean. Back fat looks so bad especially when you wear tank tops or swimsuits. It also makes you self-conscious and you hate exposing your back. Well, don’t worry, even if back fat is frustrating and stubborn, we will help you know exercises on how to lose back fat . only doing cardio for long hours will not help you, what you need is to incorporate more body weight exercises. If you are trying to transform your body, here’s what you can do, follow a two-pronged approach to lose fat, the approach is a combination of diet and exercise. Yes, this two-pronged approach works every time, especially if you are willing to give it time and effort. It’s time to get rid of the fat forever.

How to Lose Back Fat? Best Exercises to Tone up Your Back!

How To Get Rid Of Back Fat? Eat clean and train mean, yes that’s the only way to get a lean back. Follow these quick tips to beat the back fat.

 Eat Clean

Always have firm control over your carb and sugar intake. No matter how much you exercise you have to control your food intake. Excess calories will sit on the wrong places, and make your back look unsightly.

Get More Cardio in

Cardio exercise burns enormous calories and also helps blast body fat. You must at least aim for 2 hours and 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a week. You can walk, bike, dance, and just try and move more! Also, you can try HIIT or Tabata training to blast away the fat. Varying your workouts can intensify the fat burning process.

Strength training

Strength training is the most effective way of burning calories. Target those back muscles to tone the area. This tones the area and firms up the area below the skin.

Stand Up Tall

Also, when you try to stand tall and fix your posture you appear taller and leaner. You can try Pilates which can help engage your core, strengthen your back.

  1. TYI

Lie down on the floor on your stomach, or think of balancing on a physio ball, to make it harder you can use dumbbells, a 3-pound dumbbells in each hand could do wonders. Use the muscles on your back and try to lift your chest a little. Then, bring your arms up and moving into a T position. Hold the position, and then move the body into a Y position. Next, move your arms right above your head. This is a perfect move to work your rear delt.

  1. Push Ups

This is a great move for your chest, but do not underestimate it as it can also work on your back exercise. Move into a push-up mode as you hold the ground with your arms a little wider than shoulder-distance apart. Now, gradually lower your back as you work on the muscles of your back. Lower yourself down emphasising on the downward movement. Hold this pose for at least 3 seconds and move back to the starting position.

  1. Jumping Rope

Jump rope is a total fat burner fat loss exercise and it is a great one to work your shoulders. It is a total body fat burner and acts as a stupendous cardio move.

  1. The Bird Dog

The bird dog is an equipment-free workout that works your back. Get your hands and knees on the floor, remember in exercise such as this, you have to keep your spine erect and back flat. Keep your core all braced-up and then move your right arm and left leg out as you maintain this position for a few seconds and then switch up sides. The bird dog exercise is a versatile that works your entire back, waistline, shoulders, and abdominals so acts as a double-whammy working your back and your core. It also works on your core stability and balance.

  1. Straight Arm Planks

Straight arm planks are a super effective core-strengthening workout. This is your go to workout for building 6-packs and yes since this is an integral part of your back-toning exercises. Keep your arms on the floor. Lift your body and maintain a straight line. Maintain the position for at least 16-59 seconds. Give it a break after that and you can repeat this static hold at least thrice.

  1. Wall assisted handstands

Handstands are the ultimate workout for your shoulders, back, and core.  If you are a beginner try the wall-assisted ones. This will help you balance it out and yet it provides a great workout for your back and shoulders. It isn’t easy by any standards; practice will definitely make your perfect. Roll into a suitable wall and move up your feet. Support your head and neck as you push off the floor and balance it on your hands. Hold this pose, easier said than done, but this is an extremely effective pose for your upper body so egg on before you lowers yourself down. Press down on your hands and shoulders as per your strength and push through with the help of your hands and shoulders either to move yourself up or lower yourself down.

Whatever exercise you do, always remember a clean diet is absolutely essential in building a strong and sculpted back.

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