When I was younger, well being had everything to do with weight loss. Exercise was all about burning calories and “diet” was just that a diet. I didn’t understand the importance of the role nutrition played in our lives nor did I give any thought to the benefits fitness had to offer other than a reduction in girth. In this case, I suppose I’m thankful to be older and wiser.

I took a look at a company called “Diet to Go”. The concept is meant to offer people ready made meal plans for those who do not have the time or the desire to cook. I may not be a parent, but I can understand how tough it must be to juggle careers, kids and then have to think about spending time in the kitchen preparing meals when there seems to be a lack of hours in the day as it is.

Can you lose weight without exercise?

One question that always comes up is whether or not exercise is a necessity with any weight loss program. I took the liberty of reading through the success stories of the clients who have lost weight using Diet to go and while every one of them experienced benefits, I was happy to notice the ones who added fitness into their regimen.

There is no question that anyone can lose weight without exercise. All it takes is a reduction in calories in comparison to what was being consumed at the present weight and voila pounds are dropped. In certain cases, if there is a lot of weight to lose then the initial pressure of exercise on the joints may be a bit much to implement safely. In this case perhaps it’s better to postpone any major activity until some of the weight has been dropped. This is something I would run by your physician.

Is diet enough to lose weight?

In general, however, I do not recommend relying on diet alone. Exercise does a lot more than aid in weight loss.

  • Working-out delivers oxygen to the brain, organs and muscles.
  • It builds lean mass to keep us strong and enhance our metabolism (which decreases on its own after age 40).
  • It enables our hearts to move blood more efficiently while strengthening the heart muscle itself and allowing it to work smarter rather than harder to keep blood pressure down.
  • Not to mention that in life, what we don’t use we lose so if we want to continue to function with ease and grace it’s definitely to our advantage to keep moving.

The secret to lasting weight loss

The key to lasting weight loss is creating an entire lifestyle that focuses on sound eating habits, physical activity, keeping stress levels down and finding inner-peace.

If you come across a system such as Diet to Go that gives you a boost to help you on your journey to well-being, then by all means use it, just don’t rely on it. Take whatever gifts it has to offer and combine it with other useful tools to obtain the object of your desire…which is a strong, empowered, energetic, healthy and yes SLIM and FIT YOU! You can explore more about it at Vivotion.com

What can you learn from a diet program?

My last piece of advice is this. Learn the lessons this method of weight loss has to teach you about nutrition. Pay attention to portion sizes, ingredients and flavors and see what you can recreate on your own…possibly with the help of your loved ones which will only inspire their own good habits.

You never know…there may be a chef inside of you just waiting to be unleashed

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