Exercises have various effects on the body. Exercises can stimulate the blood circulation in body and hence ensure an excellent working of internal systems. The secretion of the different hormones in body can be triggered as a result of certain exercise. Menstrual cycle in a woman is normally controlled by hormones. Therefore, by doing specific exercises you can then expect to have the immediate periods. Despite this, how the body does react to the exercises usually differ from one person to the other. Therefore, the results can vary from one person to the other Rigorous and intense exercises often leads to immediate periods and at the same time can aid in delaying period or stop the periods all together. Exercises which are believed to trigger the beginning of the menstrual cycle do include:

Exercises to Get Periods Immediately

6 Exercises to Get Periods Immediately


Crunches are very important when it comes to getting the period’s immediately. Just like the other abdominal exercises mentioned above, this exercise helps in creating pressure around the abdominal area and hence helps in getting the periods immediately. To be able to do the crunches, get to lay on ground on the back and then put the hands behind the head. Ensure that you get to lay straight and then try pulling yourself up while at the same creating pressure on the stomach. It is important to ensure that while you are trying to pull yourself up that the knees should be straight. You should repeat as many sets as possible so as to put maximum pressure on the lower stomach.

Squat Jumps

Squats are very essential for getting the periods early and immediately. Jumping squats are very effective. This exercise is both the mixture of both the squats and both of them aids in getting the periods very fast. Start standing with the legs wide apart and begin squatting. The next step, while getting up you will need to jump and also stand. Repeat as many sets as you can and repeat at least 20 times. This exercise is going to put pressure on the stomach.


This works best the lower body. It can stimulate pressure and also strengthen the abdomen and the pelvis by going and exerting a certain level of pressure on it. The first step is to ensure that the legs are wide apart. Lower the buttocks by being able to place a certain pressure on the heels and not the toes. Clasp the hands together or even place them straight in front of the lower down. Hold this position for a minimum of one second and then return to the original position. Ensure that the back is arched straight and the heels are not twisted. Please repeat these ten to fifteen minutes for an inviting menstrual cycle at a very fast rate.

Standing Twists

When it comes to this kind of exercising, it normally involves the torso back and forth until you are able to put some pressure on core and aid opening pelvic area. This is going to stimulate pelvic muscles so as to break free and then you can get the periods fast doing exercise. This is a very simple exercising and you can do it while travelling in a bus or even in a metro.


This is another exercise which can help you to get the periods early. All you need is to go out for running or even jogging. Running is among the best activities as it is going to open up the vaginal area and aids the pelvic region breathes freely.


Full sit ups gets to put pressure on abdominal area and it can lead to you receiving menstruation immediately. All you need is to stand with the legs shoulder apart and then spread the hands forward. Then, sit down but do not touch the ground. When you get to reach lowest position, get back to standing position and repeat.

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