Do you want to track someone’s cellphone?

If you want to track someone’s live location, you can do it easily despite they use a smartphone or feature phone. Yes, you can track their live location only by their number.

There are a few ways to do it. You can use an online service or Cocospy. There are pros and cons of this service. Following we are going to discuss these pros and cons and let you know which option you should go for.


Do you need a mobile number tracker online free with location? If yes, then you should try to use Cocospy. Following, we are going to introduce you to this premium app and how you can use it to track someone. So, read along!

Introduction to Cocospy

This is a tracker app that is featured by several top publications. Yes, it has been reviewed by PC World, Toms Guide, Android Authority and other blogs. Moreover, this app is used and reviewed by millions of users around the world.

If you needed someone to track and record the live calls of your target, this app would suffice you. The story doesn’t end there; it also lets you track text messages as well as emails. If you wanted something to track the social media activities of a user, then this app will help you do it.

It can also help you view the contacts and browser history of the user. You can get access to their address book and calendar. You can also use this app to gain remote control of the target’s smartphone


In most cases, such apps need you to jailbreak or root your phone. Well, this is not the case with Cocospy. It’s easy to install and use. It doesn’t matter if you use iOS or Android; you won’t have any issue installing or using this app.

Instructions to Use

You can easily use this app to keep track of someone you care about. This app saves your time, effort and money for doing so. It’s easy to install and use. Just download the application form the official website and install. One thing, you will need to install it on the target device as well.

So, access the target device for a few moments and install it on them. Make sure you hide the app. For the best case scenario, you will have to buy the premium version. It comes with added features that you will find useful.

A snapshot of a cellphone tracking interface on the dashboard.

As we said, Cocospy comes with an easy to understand interface. You will find anything you need with great ease. This app comes with a detailed guide in case you need help.

Use a Website

If you want to keep track of someone’s location, you can track their GPS using an online service. Several online services can do this for you.  You can obtain the GPS coordinates of cell phone location in a matter of seconds.

These websites also feature parental control and might feature other software.  The parental software lets you block some apps if you want.


Just like the app, these services offer a bunch of other features instead of only tracking. With such devices, you can block as on the user phone if you want. You can also Geo-fence some places. S

The story doesn’t end here; you will receive an instant alert when the target enters the geofence area. With this app, you can bock the app or area for a specific time.

The Issue

We don’t mean to say these services are not good. They deliver for their world. However. These are not very accurate and secure. If you want better sense of security (for you and the target), then you are better off without the online service.

They are not secure, and you will likely give yourself away. So if you want accuracy and anonymous tracking, you are better off with a premium app like Cocospy. It gives you accurate GPS coordinates and assures you stay safe nonetheless. You might pay more for the app than you will do for the service, but it’s worth the difference.


If you want to track someone for free, you can use the online service. But if you want to assume the target doesn’t find out, and you can track him for a long time, and then use Cocospy.

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