Walking into a home with an air conditioning system that sounds as if WW3 is starting, can be quite disturbing. Modern technology has developed so rapidly that some ACs produce a very low sound frequency.

Many brands that develop air cons have spent thousands, and even millions, of dollars on experimenting and creating sound deafening AC systems. Surely, you’ll have to pay a few more for higher quality. It’s worth investing in air conditioners from soundproofpros if you want the best quiet air conditioning unit for your home.

Apart from picking a high-quality brand, there are a few other things you have to consider before purchasing an aircon.


Part of having an AC in your home is the fact that you’ll be living with the system indefinitely. Having a rowdy machine next to your head while sleeping isn’t very healthy. Consider the decibel levels that your AC produce.


Decibels are mainly used to measure noise. Decibels are caused by sound waves that travel through the air. These sound waves are usually caused by an object that vibrates to produce noise. In this case, the sound waves produced by an AC unit can be so strong that it creates a loud racket.

Measured in scales of 10. Something that creates 50 decibels is exponentially softer than something that creates 70 decibels.

To put this in perspective: A typical conversation creates 60 decibels of volume, whereas rustling leaves create about 20 decibels, and a jet engine a whopping 140-190 decibels.

It’s therefore important that you consider the number of decibels your air conditioning system creates. The lower the decibels the better for your neighborhood as well as the safety of your hearing.

In the same way you have to consider the distance that sound travels. This is where placement of the unit comes in. An AC on the other side of the room won’t be as loud as one located directly next to your head while your sleeping. Learn more about decibel levels here: https://science.howstuffworks.com/question124.htm

  1. Brand and Warranties

Consider purchasing an AC from a brand that puts in a lot of time in developing their products. Market leading brands are constantly stepping up their game in creating innovative, cooling and heating solutions. Not only do they provide excellent energy efficient AC units for commercial buildings, they’ve almost perfected air conditioning systems for homes.

The best brands on the market spend a lot of time in developing excellent air-cons that provide solutions to homeowner’s individual needs.

Some brands have perfect quiet air conditioning units reaching extremely low levels of 25 decibels. Finding big brands aren’t that difficult as they usually produce a variety of other home devices such as washing machines, microwaves, ovens, and computers, they aren’t shying away from any challenges

The cost and brand will have an effect on the longevity of the system. Popular brands will give you a warranty of up to 5 years. Ensuring that the unit is guaranteed for long-term, functional usage.

  1. Is It Eco-Friendly?

Another factor to consider is whether the AC unit is eco consciously designed. Especially in our modern world where global warming is a huge issue. We have to take into account the amount of toxic gasses our home appliances release into the air.

Some Aircons are made with the intention of running off of solar energy. Click here to find out what great benefits and characteristics eco-friendly Air conditioning systems have.

  1. Energy Consumption

How much energy does your aircon actually use? It’s not uncommon for heating and cooling systems to push up our electric bills. Consider how much electricity your AC need to run for a few hours at a time.

Make sure it has a setting that you can change during times when you don’t need it to run at full speed. The ‘energy saving mode’ is a great feature in modern home units.

  1. Your Individual Needs

What size aircon is suitable for your home? If you have a big home it will be better to purchase and install a central cooling system, instead of individual units for each room.

When you have a small apartment, you can opt for portable units that use windows.  Make sure you know how big your apartment is and what system you need to cool the different areas.

When choosing an aircon for your home, it’s a great option to pick a brand that is known for their high-quality devices.  Not only have these three brands invested in developing AC technology, they’ve also spent countless hours perfecting units that are eco-friendly and safe.

Doing research about different kinds of units is vital to make sure you purchase an AC that fits into your home.

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