Do you consider moving in into a new location? The cute little apartment at the corner seemed like the perfect choice, and you simply went for it without any consideration? Without considering the number of clothes, furniture, and staff you own? Or you might be thinking into relocating your business into a much smaller office hence of budget issues, but you are already bothered by the idea of how will you organize everything? All the documents, files, organizers?

Stressed- No need to be! Panic-No worries, we got you covered.

Coming from the brand Fab Glass and Mirror, we are offering you not only a solution but The Solution- Glass display cabinets. This item has been existing for decades now, and it`s been a favorite to many generations. Admittedly, its design and the materials from which is built, changed over the years, but it`s the functionality and practicality that remained the same. It is practically the reason why it has stayed for so long on the furniture market.

This brand has been on the market for more than ten years now, and surely it is here to stay. Not only they are offering high-quality products, but they also have flawless customer support, impeccable delivery, and affordable prices! There is nothing more to ask for! They have it all.

When it comes to their selection of Cabinets, you will be able to find a variety of different unique products for your home or office. Their glass products are made from durable tempered glass and additionally, they make it in many colors, everything from basic transparent, to grey, crystal, and vivid orange. Still having doubts about whether to install some glass cabinets in your small home or office? Read on, because we assure you, you won`t have any once you get to the bottom of it all.

  1. Storage

First things first, the most common problem when living or working in small areas is storage. No, of course, you are not a hoarder of belongings and things but yes, season changes and so does clothes. Winter ones, summer ones! Different shoes. A number of books, some for relaxation, some for professional upgrading. What about the accessories? What about the pantry and the pretty basic products that need to be regularly stocked? The answer is: glass cabinets.

They are the perfect way to have some extra storage in your home and save space with cabinets. Just give a thought about the design, the color, the measurements, and its placement, and you are good to go. Use them to organize the extra stuff you own. It would be ideal if you could separate the cabinet by its shelves and use each shelf to manage different products.

  1. Convenient shape

We`ve already mentioned that particularly in small homes and offices the accent is put on maximizing the available space and make it more functional while remaining elegant and organized. Although this can be quite the task even for the superior interior designers, the shape of the glass cabinets is quite convenient with clean edges and practical structure. Usually, they are not too wide or too long, but instead commonly they cover just a small side of the wall. They are easy to install and even easier to use. It has never been easier to save space with cabinets.

Most of them are created in such ways to fit and be easily installed in usually unused corners. This can be quite important especially in small baths and kitchen areas. Utilizing the corners, it`s what all this is about.

  1. Perfect for the Bath

Usually, in small apartments and areas with limited space, the bath is almost always unrealistically small. You walk in, you can barely turn around, and everything is within an arm’s reach. Besides all this, there is also not that much of a space for all the commonly used towels, body, and hair products. Instead of being a “hot mess” with the installation of a simple cabinet, your bath can turn into an organized, aesthetically appealing, yet fully functional one. Maximizing space in a small house is completely doable, now that you know about the cabinets.

  1. Durable & Easy to Maintain

We are all familiar with the already dated opinion that glass isn’t “that” safe especially in households with children. Yes, sure, in some cases, breaking glass can be a dangerous thing, but not when it comes to using it as a glass cabinet. Nowadays, they are commonly manufactured from tempered glass which can be from four times up to seven times more durable than the regular glass. Additionally, when it breaks, it doesn’t snap into millions of sharp pieces, but instead, it breaks into tiny granular chunks.

On top of this, its surface is shiny and smooth which makes it super practical when it comes to maintenance. On the front, these cabinets have mirrored glass which is also easy to clean, you just need a plain, clean cloth and a simple mirror cleaner.

  1. Unique look

On top of everything that we`ve mentioned, we must also say that glass cabinets look quite appealing and elegant no matter where you choose to install them. The combination of different types of glass such as mirrored glass, clear, and frosted one can make a memorable impression nevertheless if you place it in your bathroom or in your living room. However, if you do choose to put it in your living room, with the usage of some lights, you can turn it into a focal point of the room together with a small bar or two fancy chairs. It could be just the perfect spot to place some drinks, bottles, and extra glasses, and maybe even some snacks such as nuts.

If you are in the search for more classy design, then the four-standing glass cabinet is just the right choice for you. It is also applicable for small office building design. You can never go wrong by purchasing this timeless furniture piece. Sophistication in addition to maximizing space in a small house (practicality) is what makes this piece ideal for every tiny home or office. Hence of its design, its usage is indeed limitless and can be used both in the living room and in the kitchen area.


Yes, we know we`ve already convinced you to purchase some cabinets for yourself and experience their magic! However, before purchasing any, you need to carefully plan which size do you need and where you are going to place it in your home/office. Trust us when we say it, there is nothing worse than purchasing a piece of furniture only to realize it doesn’t fit where you wanted. Therefore, you need to take measurements and go from there. You should know that there are three sizes available: a low one, medium, and a high one. Additionally, once you figure out the dimensions, you should think about its design. You don’t want it to stand out from the other furniture pieces, but instead, it should perfectly fit in.

At the end of the day, make sure you choose the one that will fit the already bought furniture, is sophisticated, chic, and most importantly functional. Don’t be scared to experiment with different textures, types of glasses, designs, and colors. Aim to save space with cabinets whilst maximizing space in a small house.  This way you can create a comfortable and casual vibe in your small home/office.

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