There’s no denying that successful people seem to have the highest level of satisfaction in life. But to reach the level of success that helps you attain this contentment requires overcoming major obstacles.

Surprisingly, the largest of these obstacles isn’t money, time, or any other external influence. It’s something only you have the power to control: Your mindset.

Even though it sounds like a simple matter, forcing yourself to think and act on your goals instead of emotions isn’t always easy. These simple tips will help you get in the mindset to succeed, regardless of what is trying to get in your way!

1. Take Charge of Your Own Confidence 

One of the biggest killers of all dreams is the worry of what other people will think.

You can’t please everyone, and you never will.

Have you ever felt like your confidence took a nosedive because someone hurt you or you felt “less than” because of them? 

Here’s the twist on that: If you are in charge of your confidence, no one else can affect it.

Only you can decide how you respond to someone else’s comments or actions. If you let them slide into your head and impact your mindset, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

But they didn’t do it. You did by allowing them to get to you.

Don’t let others build you up or tear you down. Take charge of your own confidence by focusing on what you want and what you think. 

2. Create a Successful Habit List (and Follow It!) 

Your habits, both small and large, will set you up for success or failure. 

There’s a theory called the compound effect, discussed in a book by entrepreneur Darren Hardy. It says that every little action or inaction you do plays a part in the long-run. Daily consistency might be the key to success in any aspect of your life.

We spend our days continually choosing actions and inactions. You make a choice when you decide not to do something, too. Not going to the gym, not shopping for healthy food, and not saying no to that extra thing you didn’t need. Those are all conscious decisions that form your mindset.

You need to take accountability for your decision and indecisions, your actions, and inactions. To do that, you have to learn to recognize them!

Take a week and write down everything you do throughout the day and how long each activity takes. This may include what you eat, how you spend your money, and how much time you spend on social media.

What are you doing that is helping you to become successful? What is setting you up for failure? 

Those are the habits you need to adjust.

3. Choose a Growth Mindset 

Have you seen those people who seem to embrace challenges? 

They not only handle them head-on, but they seem to grow better from them, too! 

It’s not a magical trait. You can do the same thing by switching your way of looking at obstacles when they happen. It’s a growth mindset mentality.

When you see challenges as lessons and ways to strengthen your backbone, they become less stressful. Obstacles and problems become ways for you to grow in knowledge, character, and strength.

The growth mindset means that you learn and accept that you are in charge of your achievements and failures. No matter how you live it, life will always be a series of ups and downs.

When you look at life as being in control of your day or emotions, you can feel helpless. When you take back the power, you can’t change the events, but you can change how you respond to them and learn from those obstacles.

4. Actively Participate in Your Decisions 

Think about your schedule for today and tomorrow. 

How many parts of the day did you actively choose to do? How much of your time do you spend doing things because you feel an expectation to do them?

Are you doing the housekeeping in your home because it’s just easier than arguing with everyone else? Do you take on a larger workload in your job because someone else is slacking and you know it has to get done?

You’re deciding to choose minor tasks that end up adding stress to your mind. By the time you have a free minute, you’re probably too tired to do anything that helps you plant the seeds for success.

When you become an active participant in the decisions you make all day, you begin to take charge of your future.

5. Focus on Gratitude, Not Worries 

We tend, from a young age, to try to control our outcomes. But for many situations, there’s no way to manage them. It’s a quick trip from “control” to “anxiety” when you focus on forcing things to happen.

No matter what you do, you can’t change outcomes that rely on anyone but you to take action. 

So when faced with a problem, ask yourself if it’s one that is:

  • In your realm of responsibility to control, in which case, decide how to take action
  • Someone else’s decision, in which case, you need to let go of your need to help control the outcome
  • Out of everyone’s ability to control, such as an impending hurricane or another natural event. In which case, you simply need to focus on preparing your end however you can and let the events unfold as they will.

Instead of worrying about the outcome, try to find things to be grateful for along the way. 

As you sit back and wait for each step to happen, remind yourself of these small and big blessings you have. You’ll find that the bad things don’t seem quite so hard when you’re concentrating on the good things in life.


Changing your mindset to one of success sounds like a simple suggestion, but if it were easy, everyone would be successful. The truth is that the biggest hurdle to your future opportunities lies in your own mind.

With these tips, you can reinvent the old paths your brain usually walks through and create new roads that will lead you to success!

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Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch. With over five years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch a place everyone loves to call home.

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