In order to stay healthy, you should make exercise part of your daily routine. Don’t just wake up one day and exercise for 8 hours. That kind of exercise will be tiresome and unnecessary. You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment or gym to do your exercise at home. You can do some simple but effective activities at home that will keep you fit just like those who spent thousands of dollars and hours in the gym. The best way to exercise is to allocate about 30 minutes each day for some kind of an activity that will keep you active both physically and mentally. In this article I covered how to get fit at home, no gym required.So sit back and enjoy the article.


Push-ups are one of the hardest exercises for beginners. You need strong biceps and strong leg muscles to be able to do push-ups since they involve lifting your own body weight. There are different ways you can do push-ups. If you are a beginner, you can do them with your knees touching the ground or you can go for standing push-ups. Standing push-ups are easy; just stand a distance of about your arm-length from the wall then push in and out repeatedly for some time. Such simple push-ups will strengthen your muscles tremendously within a short period of time. After some days of practice, your muscles will be strong enough to do push-ups while keeping your legs straight or even using one hand.

Leg lifts

You can build leg muscles and strengthen your legs using leg lifts. For a beginner, it seems to be a tiresome activity so do leg-lifts while bending your legs and don’t give up. After some days your leg muscles will be stronger so try to practice with straightened legs.


They are also beneficial in the sense that they enable you to strengthen your abdominal muscles. They also enable obese people to reduce excessive fat build-up around the waist and abdomen. This exercise is beneficial to such people since it enables abdominal muscles to have stamina and enough strength to support their heavy bodies.

Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is also a good exercise. If your house has a staircase, you can go up and down several times in a day. You should also try to carry some language or weight to make the exercise as intensive as possible.


Keep your body in motion while in your house. Avoid the habit of relaxing in your sofa and requesting for a glass of water like a boss. Just go get your water from the dispenser and don’t forget to wash the glass. If you are watching your TV, you can put your remote aside and let your legs do the job of taking you to where the TV is for you to select your favorite channel manually.

Jogging in place

You can put on your favorite sports shoes and jog in your living room while watching your TV or listening to music. This type of exercise has many advantages including accessibility of water from your kitchen and you can relax when you are tired. Jogging makes the heart to pump blood in your blood vessels faster and in the process excess fat that can build in the body is burnt to provide you with energy.

Light weight lifting

You have plenty of items you can lift in your house. You can use your outdoor tap to fill a bucket with water then lift it repeatedly for a while. Take the water to your house and start cleaning the floor the traditional way. It may seem like nothing but if you are sweating, it is doing a great job to your body by reducing excess fats around your waist and your tummy.

Playing Table Tennis

Playing table tennis will strengthen your thighs. You need to take time from your busy schedule and break away from your monotonous life cycle. It is important to take a break to improve your health. Besides having fun, you also have many health benefits.Stay fit and health, improve your social life by playing sports with friends and building a great bond with your family members. Buy your bat pair immediately, Search online for discounts and secure your table tennis set today. You are just a click away from enjoying your leisure activities with a range of health benefits.


Sitting and standing repeatedly on your regular chair is also an intensive exercise to your body. You can do several squats each day to keep your body fit. This exercise is simple and you do not need and expert to guide you on how to do it.

Jump rope

This exercise will increase your heart beat and make your entire body to start sweating. This is a healthy exercise that you can do in your room while singing or listening to your favorite music. The only thing you need is a rope and sport shoes to protect your legs from bruises.

Final verdict

You can easily remain fit without visiting a gym. The activities discussed above can enable you to reduce excess fat from your body and maintain your health and fitness. These activities can be done by people of any social class since they don’t require money and experts. What you need is your time, effort and determination to be able to make these activities part of your daily routine.

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