Class 12 is marked as an important chapter in a student’s life, as it’s the final stage in preparing the student for the next part of their life. The marks scored during this academic year partly determines the student’s possibility into their desired college. Also, class 12 is very important, as it plays a major role in moulding the student for their various college entrances like NEET, JEE, etc.

 Is it possible for everyone to score 90+ on your 12th boards? No, not exactly it all comes from hard work and good preparation. This article mainly deals with analysing your study methods and determining whether you are on the right path to success.


  • As the 12th board are considered to be the determining part of a student’s life, students generally go through tremendous pressure to make sure they qualify and get through this phase successfully. An optimum amount of fear is always fair, but getting stressed unnecessarily will only affect your preparation and results. Certain mistakes that stress makes you commit are forgetfulness, losing focus, not wanting to study and more.
  • Overwhelming yourselves with too much study material, to ensure that you get high marks. As much as preparing from the NCERT and essential reference books like RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 12 Download in PDF are important, it is also important that students don’t seek information from a variety of books and end up confused.
  • Stress fills you with anxiety which in turn affects your concentration and time management.
  • Studying for long hours is good and will make you thorough with your concepts, but studying at a stretch for 4-5 hours without any break will numb your brain, as your brain cannot concentrate on a single thing for such long hours. Instead, take smalls breaks in-between and turn your study hours productive
  • One of the major mistakes a student commits is the lack of writing practice during their study preparation. Students are very much keen on studying their concepts that they forget writing is an integral part of their preparation. Class 12 board exams are known for their lengthy question papers and students who lack the necessary writing skill find it difficult to complete the question paper on time. Also, they cannot convincingly present descriptive answers.
  • Avoid studying till you enter the exam hall. Take time to revise the concepts, give at least 15-30 minutes break to your mind before you enter the exam hall.
  • Last but not least do not be selective when reading the MCQs.


  • MATHS: Maths being an integral part of both board and entrance exams needs a lot of attention and practice to excel. Stick to your syllabus always and ensure that you. Make sure you go through the entire RS Aggarwal for class 12, as this book has the whole syllabus extensively covered with logical explanations. Also, the solutions in this book are authenticated. Memorize all the formulas without fail. Keep practising the previous year questions as this will lend you the idea of how questions are being framed and will also improve your accuracy. As far as marks are concerned, prioritize the chapters with high mark weightage i.e.Sets and functions and algebra and make sure you finish working out first. When answering mention, the formulas through which you derive your answer and if possible, highlight the formulas used. Do not guess your multiple-choice questions rather solve them and match your derived answer with the given choices.

  • SCIENCE: Science being a core subject is divided into physics, chemistry and biology (botany and zoology) for class 12. As far as the state board is concerned, make sure you thoroughly read the books by the Tamil Nadu state board and for CBSE, students are requested to go through NCERT.

  • Physics: This subject needs to be dealt with in a planned way, as they seem to be quite complicated among the three. To start with, know your syllabus well. Divide the portions systematically as they comprise theory, derivations and problems. As far as theory is concerned, understand your concepts and be well prepared with your book back questions. Read Communication, Electromagnetic waves and Dual nature of radiation and matter, Atom, Nuclei, and Wave optics to ace up your theory questions in exam. On par with the theory, problems are important to solve all your book back and previous year problems to get clarity, especially concentrate on physics volume-1 problems. Practice your derivations time and again during your preparation phase. Kindly don’t mug up any derivation.

  • Chemistry: Start your preparation early as this is a voluminous subject. Divide chemistry into physical, organic and inorganic to ease your preparation. Start with your organic chemistry early as they consist of enormous equations, compounds and their physical properties. Do not just read them, instead make a neat chart and read them time and again to derive perfect equations in your exam. As for physical chemistry, they can be your scoring part if you are well prepared with problems from Electrochemistry, solid-state, chemical kinetics, solutions and surface chemistry. At last plan your inorganic chemistry well. If you can finish or plan to finish the whole book it’s well and good. For the remaining section of people it can be overwhelming at times and if you are thorough with the former sections, be selective and wise in choosing questions from this section for preparation. Read multiple-choice questions and two marks from all lessons to be on the safer side.

  • Biology: This subdivision is further divided into botany and zoology. Go for the genetics chapter first as they carry a lot of weightage. Finish off the easy topics first and revise daily to score well. This subject has a lot of tough terminologies especially from the microbiology unit, write and practise them whenever you get time. Practice diagrams from the reproduction unit well and make sure you neatly deliver them in the answer sheet with descriptions. As this is a theory paper, present your answers pointwise in a well-spaced manner.

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