Rugs are crucial elements of decorating your house. Those can enhance the comfort and warmth of your home. Rugs prove to be really essential if you wish to add elegance and beauty to your living areas. So, to decorate your living spaces and give them an elegant look, you may look for online rugs in India.

In flaunting home décor skills to entertain your guests, your living room places the most crucial role. In many cultures living room is also known as the front room because it is the first room your guest will see after entering your house. So, it is always vital to give your living room a special look by adorning it with attractive silk carpets or rugs.

Many different materials have been used for manufacturing rugs for several decades. However, choosing the right material for your rug is really crucial as selecting the right shape and size of rugs if you wish to have a timeless decoration for your home. For good quality rugs, you can choose online rugs in India.

While talking about luxurious natural fibre, silk material has no competitor at all. This fibre is famous all over the world for its soft touch, high sheen and durability. Nowadays, silk rugs are really popular as the latest trend regarding home decoration. These beautiful pieces of handicrafts come with a luxurious shine and look that can offer a decoration style that is timeless.

Though silk rugs or carpets are really popular and available in many shops, everyone is not familiar with the potential and features of a silk carpet. Due to this, selecting a good-quality silk rug becomes a challenging and time-consuming job. So, let us talk discuss several ways to choose the best carpets for your living room.

Why do you need to choose silk carpets?

Silk is the material that combines beauty, durability, and strength effortlessly. The amino acids and proteins present in this fibre make it strong while retaining its softness. The amazing stretchability of this fibre makes the weaving process much easier. Hence, you can get to enjoy different patterns and designs. It has a high sheen that can give a gorgeous lustre under the light. Silk material is also natural and biodegradable. For these unique qualities, silk carpets are becoming really popular.

How to choose the right pattern for your silk carpet?

You should look for those silk carpets that can suit your living room perfectly. To give your living room a vibrant look, you can choose multi-colour silk rugs. You can also have a custom rug to give your living room a special look. You can easily buy online rugs in India for your living room.

How to check the genuineness of your silk carpet?

As there are different types of duplicate materials in the market, it is really tough to find out authentic silk rugs. While buying silk carpets, you might get fooled. So, it is crucial to be aware of several things regarding how to choose authentic silk carpets to avoid fraud.

Here are the two easiest ways to recognize natural silk:

  • Burning

You can pull out a single fibre and start burning it. If it gives a smell like burnt hair, then it is silk; however, if it gives a smell like burnt paper, then it is fake.

  • Rubbing

After rubbing the carpet fibres quickly with your open palm, if it feels cool, then the fibres are not real silk. Real silk fibre will feel warm after rubbing.

Therefore, these tips will help you to choose the right silk carpet for your living room. You can also buy online rugs in India.

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