Empathy is the backbone of the wellness industry. As people who have massage salons must meet people face to face daily, it is important to understand your clients. Whenever a new customer enters your establishment the first thing you do is welcome them. Then you develop some discussion about what brought them to your massage centre. All this is just because you want them to feel at ease. It might seem a normal way of taking up new clients but it’s a practical example of empathy. It is the ability that makes you understand what other people are feeling and gives you the connection required to build a successful massage center.

Value of Empathy:

Imagine a scenario where a new client enters your salon and without any interaction, you take them to the table. You start performing the treatment without building any kind of mutual understanding. This practice might make your clients emotionally unstable and they would feel unsafe or concerned. Therefore, to develop a feeling of belongingness you must feel empathetic towards your customers. But the value of empathy is not limited to just the first interaction. It is will guide to determine the client’s emotional and physical concerns. As a therapist, you would begin to understand when your customer feels uncomfortable with your touch. As it is beneficial for both clients and your business, we have shared some information that would help you become more empathetic towards your clients.

Schedule Appointments Online:

It is important to understand that your clients have a very busy life. With their busy schedule, it is difficult for them to make appointment calls or emails. Therefore, get a Massage Booking Software for your business and enable your members to book appointments online. It is the easiest and convenient way as they could select time slots with their preferred therapist at any time of the day. You might see a boost in the number of bookings as you are not losing any client just because of a missed phone call.

Develop Follow-Up System:

Whenever an appointment is made send your customers a confirmation email. Use the help of management software to make this process automated. Also, add additional information about future slots available for the selected time. After treating any client, you might give them some information about home remedies. Try to send that instruction in a follow-up email to your client. This follows up and constant reminders help to make your clients feel that you care about them. Therefore, they develop a strange connection with you and mostly select you for their next session.

Make Digitalized Intake Forms:

Everyone knows that intake forms are important when you are providing wellness services. But sitting in a waiting area and filling these lengthy forms is a very frustrating and boring activity. But this process can be digitalized with the help of Salon Membership Software. Whenever a new member gets your membership, they would get an online intake form. Changing this process would be very beneficial as you members would feel that you care about their time and convenience. This also allows you to study the information about the person before meeting them. During your first interaction, you could impress them by making proper arrangements according to their requirement.

Value Your Client’s Feedback:

Every person is different some people like to stay quiet while others prefer light chit chat during the process. Whenever the customer is talking to you listen to them carefully it is a type of feedback that helps them to develop trust in your services. try to use new methods of getting feedback about your services. Strike conversation before and after the process to have hint about their satisfaction. Study their requirement and try to dedicate the whole session to achieve what your client is looking for.

If you are a massage center owner who cares about their customers. Then you should invest in good management software like Wellness Wellyx to become more empathetic towards your clients.

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