Cybersecurity is very important nowadays because of a lot of hacking and tracking and that is why CISSP Certification Training becomes important. This is known as an advanced security course which is also growing day by day in whole the world. This certification is provided by many organizations in the U.S which ensure that you are ready for providing cybersecurity.  This Certified information system security professionals are also known as isp2. It is been recognized by the government, IT professionals and by the company in the whole world. It is designed for security professionals who develop information security and processes.

In this cybersecurity, the holder of CISSP is aware of main cyber attacks which are general Malware, Phishing, password attack, DDOS, Man in the middle, drive-by downloads, mall advertising, rogue software, etc to name a few. In all of these cyber crimes mostly, the third party try to hack the data so that they can excuse the data easily through doing these kinds of crimes and a CISSP Certification Training helps to track cyber criminals.

In today’s world where nothing remains to be personal and secretive, cybercrime is increasing with each passing day. Cybercrime investigators who have gone for CISSP Certification Training have full knowledge about such crimes and thus, try to formulate CIA which is confidentiality integrity availability, which includes modification, access, and deletion which are unauthorized to solve the problem of cybercrime, etc.

CISSP certification requires 5 years of experience in the same domain. It is an advanced level security course for which one has to clear an exam every 3 years to maintain, and afterward, one has to undertake 128 hours of new security rule guideline classes to be made aware of every type of crimes. With all the security purposes and with the help of classes on every new cybersecurity, CISSP makes one pro in cybersecurity and that is what makes this certification important in whole the world.

CISSP not only deals with cybersecurity, but it also covers administrative security too. By availing this course, one becomes a cybercrime specialist who deals with every type of cybersecurity technique. In today’s world where hacking has become easy and common, it is becoming difficult to maintain privacy and secrecy Hence, the need for CISSP certification is growing day by day and more and more people are availing this certification training.

This certification training started in the year 1994 to stop cybercrime at the time when people sent fake emails to get access to the data on the receiver’s computer. The third party tried to get the data and information related to your bank accounts and other security agencies. Hackers also used to send spam emails and sometimes, people would see pop up on their screen asking them to download their app, and once the app was downloaded, all the information would be hacked. Cybercrime has become a very serious issue since then and that’s why this certification became important and it covers all the areas where cybercrime can be possible.

This is an experience-based mandatory certification in which knowledge and experience both matter a lot because it is an advanced level course which needs to be practiced for at least 5 long years and after that, one gets fully aware of cybercrime. An individual availing this course needs to give the exam every third year so that they can stay updated with every coming new cybercrime, which will automatically lead to better security training. This requires at least 1 year to prepare for the exam. The exam for CISSP is of 6 hours in which you get 250 questions which are of multiple choices. To qualify for this exam, one should have at least 5 years of experience as a security professional and must have subscribed to the ISC code of ethics. For this, one should also pass the advance course of examination in every 3 years, which includes 128 hours of training and one should also pay a yearly fee of this certification. The exam fee per year is 599 dollars. Clearing this difficult examination makes you cybercrime investigator which includes 8 main domains which are as follows-

  1. Risk management techniques related to security
  2. Security of Assets
  3. Security related to engineering
  4. Security dealing with network and communication
  5. Managing identity
  6. Testing and assessing security
  7. Operations related to security
  8. Security development related to software

Thus, the CISSP Certification Training helps an individual to learn the details of cybercrime and cybersecurity and they can join any government organization after the completion of the course. The training is highly in demand due to the increasing number of cyber crimes taking place globally and only a CISSP trained professional can stop cybercrime.

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