Athletes, bodybuilders or fitness freaks, one common thread between these three are the emphasis on muscle gain. Usually, this is achieved by a set of workout routine in the gym, along with a strict diet plan.

The following few exercises/ work out equipment at the gym at the top rated one for building the muscles:

  1. Leg press: the leg press is known to be one of the best equipment for the leg day routines. It requires muscle movements through contractions.
  2. Rows: low row o seated rows are known to be good for back movements and one can choose either a closed grip or a wide grip (which depends on the type or target back muscle).
  3. Hammer strength machines: these machines have specific target areas, which strengthen these target areas, for example, upper chest, and lower chest and so on.
  4. Preacher curl machine: the preacher curl machines are for the bicep muscles and compared to lifting dumbbells, this is a bit tougher.
  5. Lateral raise machine: the lateral raise machines can be used as an alternative to dumbbells. This machine helps to build a broader shoulder.

While working out with the above-mentioned machines or for that matter any equipment in the gym, it is essential to have a personal trainer in the initial few weeks to get the right posture (which will enhance the process and be beneficial) and rule out any kind of injuries.

Coming to the diet plan, as mentioned earlier, having a strict balanced diet plan is crucial for building the muscles. Two of the widely used supplements are whey protein supplements and multi-vitamin supplements.

  1. Whey protein supplements: whey protein supplements are widely used by those who intend to strengthen and gain muscles. Isopure, Russian Bear, Optimum, Muscle Blaze, Dymatize Elite etc are a few brands that provide a wide range of flavours and variety of products. You can buy these protein supplements online as well. However, avoid over-dose of if as it can cause internal damage to vital organs.
  2. Multi-vitamin supplements: multivitamin supplements like opti men, HealthKart Multivitamins, Muscletech Essential series etc are a few of the well-known multivitamin supplements in the market. These are high potency vitamin tables/syrups which boost energy and are usually free from amino acids. Brands like opti men are known to provide seventy plus active ingredients in four blends which are designed to provide all the essential nutrients required to those who engage in high energy level activities.

Along with workout routines and a balanced diet (which may require you to take supplements), there is one more thing that is crucial for the process. That is- determination. Muscle building requires physical input as well as mental input to keep up the motivation to achieve the targets.  The process may require you sacrifice on your favourite food and a lot of temptations as well, but remember the ultimate goal and work harder. Stay fit, stay hydrated, and moreover, stay healthy-both physically and mentally.

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