At present, things are no longer hard to find–keys, wallets, mobile phones, and other everyday stuff. Through Bluetooth technology, people don’t have to freak out if they can’t find their belongings. Through the wonders of technology, it only takes a bluetooth tracker to keep everything at hand. This small device helps in locating something by merely ringing them.

Bluetooth trackers or as others call them, Bluetooth tags or Bluetooth finders are small devices that can be attached to personal items and trigger a connection to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Hence, more individuals have been into these devices to avoid wasting time finding their belongings.

Its functions

Setting up a device will need a mobile application installed on the user’s smartphone. This connection establishes a Bluetooth connection to make it work. Every bluetooth tracker comes with an instructional manual so users can easily pair their devices.

Once everything is set up, attach the tracker to your belongings like keys, passports, wallets, bags, or perhaps pets. The locations of these things are traceable through the mobile app. Simply press the button seen on the application, and a ringing sound comes out from the tracker so owners can quickly locate them.

Furthermore, when the device is far from the phone, it may cut off the connection. Users may notice that the location displayed on their screen is the last place where the belonging sits. One should realize that a bluetooth tracker must maintain a certain distance from the phone with its mobile app, so the connection remains secure, perhaps about 80 meters. Otherwise, it becomes unstable. Therefore, forfeiting the purpose of keeping an eye on the belongings.

The tracker also works as a mobile phone finder. Its Bluetooth connection can find the gadget when the user presses the button on the tracker, even when the phone is silent.


These small trackers use a tiny battery as their power source. Despite its size, the battery can last up to a year or so. Users don’t have to worry about costly maintenance because these tracking devices are energy efficient. Several types only consume one battery a year with the help of the mobile app fully optimizing the data transfer and process the entire time.

Some models also use replaceable batteries, making it last longer than others. Users need not stock batteries for their trackers; they can charge them every time their power runs out. However, some use integrated batteries, making the devices disposable. Owners have to replace it with a new one.

The tracker can produce a ringing sound, which is an essential feature. Through the emission of noise, users can quickly find the object. It produces sound loud enough for individuals to find keys buried under heaps of stuff or perhaps at the bottom of the laundry pile. As the sound gets louder, it means the person is already near the object.

Final Thoughts

The bluetooth tracker best works indoors. With its capability to function within 80 meters from the phone, it is wise to use it on things that users usually keep near them. The strength of the signal becomes erratic as the tracker gets farther from the phone. Hence, they are useful on passports, wallets, keys, and bags. Putting them on people or cars is not a good idea, since they can move a lot and go out of range.

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