No one has ever heard of the Frankenstein monster. Did you know that this is the first science fiction story ever made in the world? Well, the work was born in 1816. The novel about Victor Frankenstein and the big monster he built in his laboratory was written by Mary Shelley. It seems untrustworthy, but the young girl gave life to this person who is one of the greatest classics of all time at the age of 19.

Frankenstein’s original story

Influenced by ghost stories, the young British woman wrote a novel, also called Prometheus Modern, on a sleepless night. The whole story is told through letters written by Captain Robert Walton to his sister while looking for ways to cross the North Pole.

Walton boats end up on ice when the sea freezes. This is where beings are presented to the world. The crew saw a large monster being pulled into the sleigh. It was not long before the sea was stirred and the boat moved again, losing sight of the creature. As soon as another great character was presented to us, Victor Frankenstein, the famous dying doctor appeared sailing on a small ferry and was rescued by Walton. If you’re curious to find out why the captain is the person who told the story and how he knows all about the most famous person of all time, he doesn’t need to wait any longer.

Revelation Victor Frankenstein

The crazy alchemist revealed to Walton the whole story. Started his childhood and adolescence at Geneva in Geneva and his great interest in the natural sciences. The story becomes more interesting when Victor reveals through many studies found the secret of the generation of life. Details about how this happened or what secrets have been found were not disclosed. However, Frankenstein finally told about his commitment to create giant humans.
In addition to reports to Captain Walton, Victor Frankenstein revealed that he was able to create creatures after two years of hard work. Here important details need to be clarified; the creature actually never received the name of the creator. The monster was known as Frankenstein after his fame in the theater.

But what happens when the alchemist’s work is finished?

Historically, the work did not work exactly as planned. Over time, Victor got bored with his creature, left him and returned from Ingolstadt to his hometown in Geneva. As you know, the giant man didn’t like the inventor’s attitude at all. Because of this, he finally rebelled.
Search for that creature

Some time after leaving the big project, Victor received news about the murder of his brother. Even with the condemnation of family aides because of death, the alchemist knew that this was the work of his own monster. The guilt deeply tormented him so he felt compelled to look for the creature and end this whole story. After climbing Big Mountain, the largest mountain in the European Union, the big monster was finally found.

Victor’s meeting with the monster

Captain Walton’s report said that the doctor was finally shocked by the intellectual ability of his work. The monster itself reveals all the way to the mountain. He had escaped from the laboratory and went to live in the nearby forest. In this place learn to survive by eating fruits and vegetables. After being cut down by visitors to the forest, the creature approached and observed a simple family living in the area. At present, finally learning to speak and even write. One day he decided to approach and was once again persecuted for being an aberration. That’s where your rebellion begins to materialize.

With hatred towards the person who created it, the monster decided to take revenge on Victor Frankenstein. To this end kill his brother and blame the desired servant.

Request made to Frankenstein

According to the letters, deviation requires the creator to project for her a woman so that she does not live more alone. If this is not done, it will frighten humanity. With fear, Victor decided to obey the request. But as time went on he began to fear that a large race of monsters would develop and turn against him. The decision to oppose the will of his creatures made him have to pay dearly, including the death of his wife, who was strangled by the monster on his honeymoon.

Overall, this Frankenstein story is a depiction of humanity’s deepest desire to create something and ethical boundaries for it. The story of Frankenstein has been a source of inspiration for many writings. Today, essay about Frankenstein is not “foreign writing” to us.

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