When it is the cold winter season, you can always look forward to a good snowfall. When you look out from your window on a cold winter morning and find the tree leaves, the cars, and the driveways covered with snow, you may find the view quite lovely. However, if you have a long driveway from where you need to get rid of the piled-up snow, then the mere idea of snow may give you a major headache. There was a time when people used to shovel snow manually from their driveways. However, in this modern era, manual shoveling has become an obsolete idea. You will find people opting for electric snow shovels instead.

A Useful Guide to Buy an Electric Snow Shovel

There are several types of electric snow shovels in the market. Choosing the right one for your personal use may seem like an uphill task to many of you without the help of a top 10 electric snow shovels list. Here are some important features you need to keep in mind so that you find it rather simple to choose the right electric snow shovel for your driveway.

  • Power Usage: As compared to electric snow blowers, electric snow shovels consume less amount of electricity. An electric snow blower normally comes with a breaker box that tends to blow up the moment the amperage load of the machine reaches about 16 amps. This is to let the blower to be used with other electronic appliances. However, when it comes to an electric snow shovel there is no such cause to worry as the average amperage load of such a shovel is around 8 to 10 amps. It is also important for you to remember not to look for an electric snow shovel that comes with a lower amp intake. This may limit the overall performance of the shovel. Those with a higher amperage will easily be able to support a bigger and wider clearing area.
  • Intake Height: It is needless to say that the intake height of any electric snow shovel will determine the maximum depth of snow that it can effectively clear. Although these shovels come with an intake height of around 4 inches, there are some that come with an intake height of 6 inches. If you have an electric snow shovel with an intake height of 6 inches, then you need not worry about a sudden heavy snowfall.
  • Clearing Width: If you choose an electric snow shovel with a wider clearing width, it will naturally mean that it can clear an area with a fewer strokes or passes. This will automatically mean that you do not have to spend a lot of time in clearing your driveway. However, it is important for you to ensure that you do not buy an electric snow shovel that has a clearing width which is too wide for you. This may result in lesser control over the machine while maneuvering it. Normally, these machines come with a clearing width of around 12 inches. However, you will also find those with larger ones.

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