The electric hot water system has been a great innovation of the latest decades. A few years ago, not all houses in India had a constant hot water reserve to use and were in constant need of a plumber to fix most of the low-quality tubes network.

This doesn’t apply anymore to the current situation. Most of the people are able to seek new methods to resolve their hot water troubles and it will be a lot better to sit down and check thoroughly the newest solutions.

What is the new Electric Hot Water System?

First, it consists of a geyser that is usually an electric water tank that can heat up the water in a matter of minutes using the electricity. This can be costly especially in the wintertime when the energy expenses are getting immense due to the harsh weather conditions.

However, the invention of the solar panels Mandurah has given new solutions to this emerging problem. The solar panels are there to heat up the water running through them and be reserved in the same water tanks like the electric system. This has been the major innovation of modern time giving you new solutions to the cold water you needed to heat up when the weather was good and the energy from the sun free to get.

How is the Electric Hot Water system works?

The electric hot system works using the technology of the thermostat. When the water reaches the temperature of 80 Degrees Celsius the thermostat is opening the warming electricity circuit and stops boiling it. This is how modern geysers work and can give more energy efficiency to all houses that are equipped with that type of containers.

Plus, this system can cooperate well with the solar panels since you don’t need extra space to store the heated water from the sun. This creates more energy efficiency especially during the winter, when we have some hours of sunshine no matter the cold weather outside.

All plumbers are also happy to see those innovations since they are obliged to make fewer connections to the system. Since all the tubes are working good with each other there are multiple reasons for plumbers to appreciate this innovation and start working on different projects.

The electric hot water system has also some precautions that need to be taken care of. First, you need to isolate the system from the external environment. This can be done by using more insulation to the tubes.

Then you also need to make sure that electricity is not going to threaten your life. The circuit defenders are there to cut the electric power movement when they see some leak of energy. This is extremely life saving since water and electricity are not good friends.


It is really important to know that the New Electric Hot Water System is really working in all premises. It is cheap to buy and a lot easier to install to your home network.

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