You simply cannot put a value on the importance of domain names to the digital growth of a company. Domain names are the cynosure of businesses in the technologically driven 21st century we are. Most businesses feel satisfied leveraging on social media like Facebook and Twitter in lieu of having their own domain names. The tragedy of this is that when the popularity of these sites wane, it can be deduced that the profitability of those businesses would also wane. A smart idea would be to leverage on owning a domain name and also advertising on these social networks.

Owning a domain name can help you track the metrics of your business. You can view a comprehensive data about how your marketing campaigns have fared and know what products to push in the future. A good domain would put your business on a pedestal amongst other sites clamoring for the attention of web users. It should not merely be seen as an online extension of a business but it should be given enough time and attention.

Most small startups are content with owning one domain name but the truth is that companies of any size can enjoy the myriad benefits associated with owning more than one domain name. Having multiple domain names means a wider reach and a host of marketing opportunities.

Importance of a domain name in marketing

Impressions Count

The URL of your domain name contributes to the publicity of your business. In today’s digital world where a large number of the population spends their time online, there is a huge chance that most persons would first hear about your business online. In this case, your URL will constitute a huge chunk of your first impression count in addition to billboards, notices, letterhead and cars.

Highly Targeted Campaigns

If you’re starting a distinct campaign from what your domain name is previously known for, you should consider floating a new domain name to keep things intriguing and fresh. People tend to associate specific things to a domain name and in order to direct their attention to a new campaign, a new domain name is required. You can create a buzz around the new domain name through a giveaway promo or a loyalty program on the page. Through a new domain name, you can narrow the clients of your new marketing campaign. The benefits of this include;

  • You can easily determine if the campaign was successful or not
  • You can try a different style of campaign that is different from your original brand
  • You can give content that matches the needs of your chosen demographic
  • You can try out new ideas.

Subsidiaries and their Services

If you’re a holding company with numerous subsidiaries with distinct products, it would make perfect sense to have multiple domain names for each of your subsidiaries. A good example is Coca-Cola, a brand with several subsidiaries but each of them has their own websites where they launch their own marketing campaigns.

Getting Creative

Nowadays, marketing is no mean feat. This is because of similar brands all jostling for the attention of consumers. With the advent of the internet, the task of marketing has been made easier. You can choose domain names from a wide spectrum to generate catchy and memorable name. You can generate domain names using;

  • Season or holiday –
  • Place –
  • Phrases –

It Gives the Business Its Unique Identity

Since a bulk of your clients might be sourced online, it will be a good idea for the chosen domain name to communicate a bit of information about the business. Creating a catchy domain name will help clients associate your domain name to your business easily and a customized extension will add more punch to your business name in more ways than one. For instance, if you’re a real estate business in the United States, it will make perfect sense for your domain name to be In the example above, the domain name shows that the domain name pertains to a business that trades real estate while the extension shows that the business is domiciled in the United States of America.

It Helps Narrow down Your Clients

If you want to cater specifically to a unique kind of client, a new domain name will do the job. This new domain name should be hyper specific in order to attract the right kind of demographic to the site. For instance, if your site sells a variety of items ranging from electronics to baby clothes, a separate domain name will be ideal in redirecting clients to the right item they are looking for. An example of this could be Amazon’s primary website with other domain names such as, and

Making Marketable Domain Names

Lots of businesses are catching the bug of proper marketing. In the near future, the digital space will be saturated, thus, it is important you get it right from the get go. If you get it right, you brand could be at the path of internet relevance but if you get it wrong, the brand could be just another brand struggling to stay above the water. For you to make the right choice in domain names, keep the following in mind.

Easily Searchable: The new domain name should be one that obeys the laws of SEO principle. A good name that is SEO friendly will always have an edge over other sites. A domain name that’s easily searchable will rank higher on voice search and will be easily understood by AI like Alexa, Siri or Cortona.

Marketable: Your website should positively reflect your brand’s ideals. A proper domain name should be

  • Brief and easy to recall
  • Should not have any hyphens, numbers or strange signs
  • Should not infringe on any copyright laws
  • Creative


A domain name is indispensable in digital marketing today. It is a veritable tool in reaching out to millions of potential clients that cannot be reached through traditional marketing mediums.

Registering a domain name isn’t a cumbersome process and it can be done in less than 10 minutes. Domain names are usually in one year increments but if your financially buoyant, you can pay up to 10 years in advance.

There are lots of domain registrars on the internet but only a few are reliable. You may have to conduct due diligence before dealing with them to make sure that you own the domain name in its entirety not just merely leasing it from the service provider. So, head over to  to get started today. Cheers.

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