Shin splints have been proliferated easily in our society due to the wrong type of shoes that many persons are choosing to wear. The reality is that there are also genetical reasons apparent to that problem which makes it hard to walk or stand when wearing shoes.

What are shin splints?

Shin splints are abnormal deformities on the side of the toe fingers especially the big toe which are provoked by the intense pressure of the soft tissues against the shoes internal wall. This sometimes can cause excessive swore on the toe fingers and may limit the mobility of the person.

The surgery seems to have limited action on the treatment of shin splints and that is why most of the people suffering from this situation are trying to relieve the pain by selecting the right pair of shoes. You need to invest in a good pair of supportive high intensity training shoes for your health.

What are the shoes that affect the shin splints?

Most of the shoes that are on the market have definitely an effect -positive or negative- on your shin splints. Some of them are even the cause of you shin splints and make you suffer when walking or standing. A typical example could be the moccasin shoes that are embracing the toe fingers and leave little space for them to move.

They are responsible for the development of the shin splints to such an extent that after some days of consecutive use there is no chance that you can go on wearing shoes any more. Another type of shoes that is negatively affecting your shin splints are the high heels. This type of shoes is adored by women so much that they prefer to suffer from extreme pain rather than banning their wearing style.

The high heels are exerting much pressure to the forefoot since the weight center of the body is dramatically moved to the front. This pressure gives much pain to the shin splints and even provokes their development in case there is a chance to heal up from the disease.

Boots are among the types of footwear that can cause a serious deterioration on the shin splints situation. The limited area in the forefoot that the boots are providing combined with the cotton socks that are usually required to wear with that kind of shoes are giving you high chance to be having a negative impact on your shin splints.

Which shoes can have a positive impact on your shin splints?

On the other hand there are some types of shoes that can improve and even heal your shin splints problem to the point that you are not going to feel any pain when wearing them. These are the flat shoes and sneakers that have a lacing system which consists of special elastic bands and not the traditional laces.

This type of footwear is most preferred by athletes who find it easier to wear that kind of shoes in order not to aggravate their situation after severe injuries. Some of them are even having shin splints issues that are being diminished when using the flat shoes who generally offer more space for the forefoot and heel areas, thus decompressing the whole feet structures. So their need to purchase flat feet training shoes which provide better comfort and breathability

Another type of shoes that ease the pain from the shin splints are the flip flops and sandals. This is a category that can be easily worn during the hot summer time and can give you maximum comfort and a feeling of general healing for your shin splints. The touch of the fresh air gives your feet better heat containment and management and there is no excessive sweating that the closed top shoes are proving.

Finally, the most comfortable shoes for the shin splints keep on being the orthotics. These shoes are having special bending between the ankle and heel areas and guarantee the healing of the shin splints in a matter of days. All these types of shoes are widely available to the public and constitute viable solution to numerous feet problems that can severely damage and limit your mobility.


There is nothing more important than having the right shoes for your feet problems. Shin splints have been the usual disease of the people standing up at work for many hours, or for the athletes that outperform and give great effort when competing and exert maximum pressure to their feet area.

The more spacey the shoes are the better the chances are that you will find your complete healing for your shin splints. Make sure you invest time and money to purchase the right footwear for your personal case and never forget that the same pair of shoes is not adequate for two separate people.

Shin splints can be eradicated, and you will always have the solution of the brand shoes alongside with you. Give yourself the best and you will look your best.

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