A Dedicated hosting, also known as managed hosting service can be described as an internet hosting configuration where the client leases the whole server only for themselves. This means the server is categorically devoted to one organization. This gives your website a whole lot of flexibility because you’re given controlling ability on the hardware as well as operating system. In contrast, Shared Hosting refers to a situation where several websites reside solely on one server that’s then connected to the internet. Each site has its own domain name but only one service provider. The user gets only a section of the server to host their website files and pages.

Differences between dedicated and shared hosting

  1. Disk space and Bandwidth. With dedicated hosting, your organization gets the full bandwidth and disk space on your server to use as you please. You don’t have to share resources, no imposed rules or penalties. Whereas with shared hosting you’re allotted a limited amount of web space. There are penalties for using certain features, added rules and restrictions on disk space and bandwidth.
  2. Dedicated hosting is only allowed on one user/organization, unlike shared hosting that can host a hundred users and more.
  3. When it comes to security, a dedicated hosting server is more secure. It allows an organization to deploy measures like firewall configurations, biometric authentication, complex tailored antivirus. This is to support the page/website’s specific functions. Shared hosting is less secure because of all the neighboring sites. This makes it difficult to employ tough security measures because each client has different functions and needs. The server becomes more public than it is private.

  1. Hosting customization. With dedicated hosting, it is possible and plausible to exercise certain freedom when it comes to customization and tailoring the hosting site to accommodate the needs and tastes of the client. Lack of co-habitants makes this very easy as there is no permission required. Dedicated servers are also popular for online gaming, such as for games like CS GO. When setting up a server for CS GO or similar games the configuration will be different, although there are companies that can help take care of the setup. When it comes to shared hosting, customization becomes harder because it is virtually impossible to customize each client’s service on one single server.
  2. Pricing. Dedicated hosting is relatively pricier than the shared hosting option for reasons quite obvious. Dedicated hosting has only one user which means one customer is liable for all configuration and operation costs. Shared hosting, on the other hand, becomes cheaper because you pay for a portion of the full amount of maintenance and operation. The full cost is split between the different users.
  3. Concentration and productivity. Dedicated hosting does not give you enough time to concentrate on your personal web content. This is because you are caught between managing the site and managing your content. Having to take care of the nitty gritty is taxing and time consuming. Shared hosting allows you to concentrate on your personal web content rather than the management and more technical aspects because the service provider takes care of those pesky little details.
  4. Scalability. This is the most desired aspect of dedicated hosting to most tech business owners. The room and opportunity for future growth is an attractive incentive to pass down, which is exactly what dedicated hosting offers. If your business is just starting, the ability to handle a lot of traffic, data storage, processing power, software packages and still maintain performance is desirable. Scalability, however, cannot be spoken about when it comes to shared hosting or is at best very limited. You only have disk space and database size. Resources required to run and website expansion are limited due to the hosting environment.

These are the specs of dedicated and shared web hosting. Going with the flow, it’s evident that both have their good and bad points but more so good points for dedicated hosting, which you can use at SeekaHost – The Leading Super Fast Web Hosting Company with all the support. It includes your dedicated server monitoring and maintenance, if you would like to take them all care of your server.

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