Your choice of accommodation can make or break your holiday and Broome is no exception. Broome is welcoming to visitors of all ages; offering golden sands, shopping, historical sights and access to rugged, nature. With so much to see and do, there is a varied choice of Broome accommodation, so here we’ll explore crucial considerations to help you choose the best accommodation in Broome.


For many tourists, the price is the primary consideration for choosing accommodation. Fortunately, there are accommodation options in Broome to suit different budgets. Although the price shouldn’t be your sole deciding factor, it is essential to work out your budget for your Broome tour to help plan the details of your stay. Think about what other expenses you’ll need to cover for your holiday including meals, activities, and excursions to determine how much you’ll be prepared to spend on your accommodation. Just remember that some resorts may offer meals in house that can allow you to enjoy high quality dining without the cost of visiting a restaurant.


Whether you’re headed to Broome for a romantic break or you’re bringing the kids, you want to relax and be pampered, or you want to head into nature, you’ll find an accommodation option to suit your requirements. However, this does mean that you’ll need to assess what facilities are available to meet your needs at your chosen accommodation.

Think about whether you will want to prepare some of your own snacks and meals or if you plan to eat out for every meal. Do you plan to spend lazy days around your accommodation and will need activities to entertain the children?

Remember that the price of accommodation is often linked to the facilities on offer, but there are some more basic accommodation options that provide some excellent facilities.


Broome accommodation locations will have an influence on what you will be able to do on your holiday. If you envisage going out to restaurants, shops and evening entertainment every day, you’re not likely to appreciate an isolated resort. However, if you want to submerge yourself in nature; bird watching and looking at the amazing local flora, you may not want the hustle of nightlife on your doorstep. There are resorts offering more privacy, while those nearer to town may have pools and playgrounds for the children.

Try to think about what you would like to do during your holiday and how far you will need to travel from your accommodation. Remember, if you have to walk twenty minutes every time you want to go to the beach, shops or restaurants, you’re likely to find it frustrating if you want to pack lots of activities into your holiday.

If you’re considering visiting Broome and would like to explore your options for Broome accommodation, you should speak to us. The Broome Kimberley and Beyond team can provide access to fantastic offers for Broome accommodation, 5 star resorts and more modest options to plan your dream break.

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