If you are like me, you prefer to take a DIY approach to some of the simpler household procedures that can, at times, become rather costly. However, when it comes to using chemicals designed to kill, it is always best to be one hundred percent sure of exactly what you’re doing.


As any expert will tell you, the very best means of defending against an infestation is to prevent said infestation. It is very important to be cognizant of the common best practices as well as the types of pests to treat for. While it is relatively simple to find information for the former, knowing which types of pests to look out for and protect against is key, but can be tricky depending on where you live.

Ant Removal

The most common types of ants in Colorado are the pavement ant, sugar ant, and carpenter ant, although some perfunctory knowledge of the less common but still dangerous ants would serve you and your family well. The pharaoh ant, for example, is known to have the potential to spread deadly diseases like salmonella and Streptococcus.

The best way to treat your home for ants is to eliminate the ant trail: a scented trail left for the other ants to follow. Unfortunately for you DIYers, simply cleaning the area will not eradicate the trail and subsequently the infestation. You will need a non-repellent insecticide to finish the job.


Treating your home for specific species of spiders may prove to be a bit trickier than ants as Colorado happens to be home to a large variety of spiders. While this may alarm the arachnophobes out there, you may find consolation in the fact that most of these species, while perhaps packing a painful bite, are non-poisonous.

One common and fairly effective DIY method for treating your home for spiders is using a mix of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You should think twice about treating spiders unless it becomes a hazard because having them around is actually a good way to combat other pests.


While spiders and ants may interest the budding zoologist in us all, nobody seems to like cockroaches.

In Colorado, the three common types of cockroaches you are likely to come across are the German, Oriental, and the American cockroach. The most common of the three, the German cockroach, is also the smallest. It can be identified by it’s black or tan color and parallel streaks on their pronotum.

Poisoned bait seems to be the best method for eradicating cockroaches. If you are looking for a true DIY approach, the process is very simple. Just create a mixture of boric acid, flour plus anything sweet that will attract the roaches (sugar is a common and effective option). Next, all you have to do is set little globs of this mixture strategically throughout the house.


The two most common types of termites in Colorado are the drywood termite and the subterranean termite. Termites can be an especially dangerous pest because, depending on the type of home you own, they can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of the building and furniture.

While this particular state is not known for having many termites, more and more Coloradans are reporting having spotted these little critters, so it would be best to stay on the side of caution.

The process for treating termites is basically a combination of the same processes for cockroaches and ants. Therefore, it would be best to apply both acidic traps as well as liquid insecticide around the perimeter of the home and in the soil.

Know when it’s time to call for help

While any DIY method is a great challenge to aspire to take on, it’s important to know when it’s time to call in the professionals. If you’re looking for the best pest control in Denver, look no further than Moxie Pest Control, one of the premier providers in Colorado. Call to set up a consultation, and their pest pros will help you eradicate those pests once and for all.


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